Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Leftist Culture of Death

Dateline--Texas--The head of Planned Parenthood in one community has had a "spiritual awakening" upon viewing a color sonogram of an infant to be aborted. She quit her position and lost her feelings of guilt when she began working for the local chapter of the Coalition for Life. She said that due to the economic downturn she was told toocus on getting more abortions in the door. Since then Planned Parenthood has sued for a restraining order saying that they would be irreparably harmed by the woman's departure due to the "possible release of certain information". What information don't they want us to see?--other than the fact that they are murdering over 5 million babies in the US every year that is. The case for the restraining order is up for a decision this week.

UPDATE--The Pelosi bill reveals in sec. 213 that all Americans will be forced, upon enrolling in the govt. plan, to pay a monthly "abortion premium". This is outragous! The elite in Wash. have taken it upon themselves to sell the soul of our nation, now they are going to force you to fund it. I actually believe that Botox is a psycotropic drug. An article in the Wall St. Journal today tells how some Demoncats believe Nancy Lugosi has lost all touch with reality. Scary, considering that she is third in line to the presidency--second actually if Obama were to be found inneligable to serve, because that would also disqualify Joe Biden.

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