Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"We Win--You Lose!"

To paraphrase Mark Twain; "The rumors of my demise have been vastly overstated." I hereby declare victory for the New Conservative Movement in the race for the 23rd district in NY. Doug Hoffman has officially "unconceded" and absentee votes including the military are being counted as we speak. Barring any new thug tactics/ACORN/SEIU shenannigans this will be a victory for Hoffman and conservatives everywhere. I declare this a victory even if the results don't go entirely in Hoffman's favor.The leftist pundits couldn't wait to declare a defeat for Rush Linbaugh and Sarah Palin in this race as well. (Didn't she do so well on Oprah--and didn't Oprah come off as the "typical" angry fat black woman? Sorry PC police but she did. So --HERE IT IS__IN YOUR FACE __BO AND PELOSI. Where are your bragging rights now? I just hope we can really put Owens to sleep tomorrow!

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