Tuesday, September 14, 2010

You Must Obey--You Must Comply

Having consumed our daily dose of Omamunism in speech after mind numbing lying speech. you would think that we have done enough obeisance to the State. But Noooo, we are force fed leftie propaganda such as the latest Nissan Leaf polar bear ad. Of course you are saving another poor bear by falling for the global warming scam and buying this uncomfortable, unsafe, noisy box on wheels. Every other "news" show on the weekend attacks John Boener, Sarah Palin, or any conservative Christian they can target. But that still is not enough. -------------Sorry for the interuption; I had to go upstairs to view the latest Obama video town hall meeting. I was caught on film coming back down the steps. The link can be seen below.----The attack on free speech and the blatant insult to your intelligence continues apace at every turn. Everyone's favorite sociopath George Soros has started to move on another front. He has begun a smear campaign against the Canada Sun and its effort to launch a new cable network based on the model of FOX news. His reasoning is that it would be an attack on free speech and democracy in general. Only the left deserves access to these rights as you know. Here at home we have two new Czars to bow and offer supplication to. Elizabeth Warren; an academic hack; has taken over the Dept. of consumer protection. The regime assures us that she will only serve to "oversee' the agency. Thus she runs it! You might ask what effect this may have on your First Ammendment rights. Consumer advocates like this lawyer have used litigation for years to silence opposition through targeted attacks on certain corporate entities that lean toward the right and any advertising/revenue sources whom they choose to be offensive in some way. Follow the money. Government backed credit lines will now be offered only to compliant, politically correct, Green businesses who back Demoncats and "social justice" redistribution schemes. Cass Sunstein and Ms. Sabelias at DHHS wil be there to enforce all regulations deemed appropriate to smother the opposition voices. Most recently; the insurance industry---Don't doubt it-- your business--your livelihood-- will be targeted next. The latest executive order by The One has proclaimed a policy of inter agency cooperation to enforce the Clean Waters act as they have interpreted it. This is explained in extremely loose language. What it amounts to is this. Any human activity that affects the environment in any way is subject to federal regulation. I presume that would mean breathing, speaking, and walking. Your new Supreme Court nominees believe speech should be regulated and the force has been installed to do so. If there would happen to be some sort of orchestrated civil unrest this fall, say as an "October surprise", these forces would be unleashed with a vengeance. zzzzzzzzz////??? What was that? Oh, another pop up commercial. WARNING----I heard a report recently of a blind savant who was listening to the TV when a commercial came on. She began to recite the following---"Obama is a good man. Obama is really trying hard to help you." After a few minutes she began to recite these lines again in the middle of another ad. When questioned about this, she explained that she was only repeating what she heard "between the lines". I know the source and have no reason to deny the validity of this report. Believe it or not, Big Brother is inundating the airwaves with His messages; both overt and subliminal. There is evidence of this available to those with a watchful eye. Finally, I offer this bit of evidence of this propaganda storm. Obummer's major support base lies divided into two groups---The Educated Class; The elite who disseminate their lies via the media and internet sources; and the inner city poor, mostly uneducated class who are most vulnerable to this brainwashing. We must over come this constant wave of mush with open opposition and expose these Marxists for the liars and gangsta's that they are. O'Donnell's opposition in Delaware has declared himself, at least, to be a "bearded Marxist". I suggest that you read the latest report by Mr. DeSousa on Barack's roots in African Colonialism. The more we oppose this dictatorship in the making, the more dangerous they will become. Myself, I welcome the struggle, but prepare yourselves for a real fight---and soon.


Gramma 2 Many said...

Just found you linking through Right is Right.
Amazing blog and truths that many people in the blogosphere do not understand.
Keep up the good work. You are so right, there is a huge battle coming and I do not think people believe it or are prepared.
God Bless.

scott said...

Amen--All power to the Lord and strength to the righteous!