Thursday, September 23, 2010

Liberalism Kills

Let's begin by denying that Marxism/Communism has been responsible for the systematic murder of hundreds of millions worldwide in the past century. Senator wannabe Koonz of Delaware does in his own words. Let us then make sure that the Islamic culture so adored and mollified by the Left today is not responsible for 95% of violent hostilities in the world today. We must accept the rape and murder of women and gays every day in the muslim world. After all it is Sharia law. Imam Rauf tells us we must be more Sharia compliant today. The world will love us then. All the great totalitarians of the world agree. We must submit! Therefore we must also assume that The Great Barack only loves us and wishes our troops abroad the very best and all his support when he denies them the support they most desperately need and makes clearly political decisions concerning their very lives. (See exerpts from the latest Woodward book). We also must accept that abortion and the openly Eugenic policies expoused by the Left and contained in Obamacare are only for our own good. The banning of DDT in 1972 which is killing millions with malaria today was worth it too to save some birds. Oh, I forgot that was a hoax; Well, all the deaths on our highways shown to be a result of CAFE standards are certainly serving a noble cause in saving bears and whales. We must consider the sacrifice of lives to inner city youth gangs and random violence to be the fault of gun peddlers, not the result of 50 years of failed Liberal Great Society boondoggles, Urban Redevopment , racial hype and drumbeating. Certainly the billions we spend on our schools is not enough to stem the rising violence in our schools. We just need more money for the teachers unions, not good opportunities for our youth at proven charter schools. Open borders will make it safer for all those poor migrants to survive here as they rape and pillage through our nation. Some must be sacrificed as Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn have told us. The Presidente' has recently proclaimed that we are able to "absorb" more terrorist attacks on our own soil. We must close Gitmo and permit all detainees to rejoin their Jihad. We must disarm and disavow Israel as we unilaterally disarm ourselves. The world must be made safe for the growing Global Union and international workers struggle. The UN will take charge of all disputes and the Muslim Botherhood and Palestine will rule. Therefore we can permit radical Islamists to build these (600 and growing) mega mosques nationwide. Yes "Death by Compassion" is what the Left has in store for all of us. Even your own ministries are telling you to sacrifice for the "good of the whole society". They follow the New Leader now. Peace be unto Him. Civil rights, social , environmental justice and all that you know. This is the greatest cause, Denounce God. We are told by the greatest thinkers in Academia and the "renouned" journalists of our time that religion and Christanity in particular is the greatest bane of mankind. Americans---You must prepare to fall on your own sword. Your "skin" is in the game now.


Ron Russell said...

Great post Scott! You covered most of the bases.
I've often thought of the foolish banning of DDT and the millions of deaths in Africa and other places that caused. The "Silent Spring" is do longer silent, but filled with the weeping for the dead!

Great looking blog buddy. Adding you to my links at TOTUS. I use the drop down menu due to its length. I visit very few sites these days due to my wife's terminal illness---just don't have much time to visit or post and having to use some old post at times now. I'm also adding you to my links at Obama Cartoons.

scott said...

I like your Obamatoons. I am always pressed for time as well, so i can only cover so much. We are also being killed with mercury in our "Green" flourescent bulbs--genetically altered and hormone packed foods--the systematic govt. takeover of all US farming and water supplies and waterways as we dumb down our children on the old ways of self sustanance. The list grows every day as the elite try to depopulate the earth --allfor our good of course. Sorry to hear about your wife. I lost my wife of 2o yrs. and my mother to cancer three years ago--all within 2 months. I was chief cook and bottlewasher/caregiver for a number of years. God bless and keep you and may he offer you strength.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Good one Scott. I can't add anything to it.