Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boyz Will Be Boyz and Men Will Be Boyz

Thanks to Woodsterman for the example of why boys need fathers. Men who were mollycoddled or worse, dominated and "chickified" by family and liberal/leftist/feminist schooling always seem to do harm to themselves and society in general. Invariably they are found in unstable relationships with mostly dominatrix types. Either that or they are overcompensating by becoming the aggressor in a disfunctional relationship. Men today; from an early age; are not permitted to be men. We all are suffering the consequences as basically unstable males enter positions of authority or real power. I would like to offer you some of the latest statistics exemplifying the effect that feminism has had on our culture. Males--(white males are usually targeted--but black males are just as vulnerable)--are srtuggling more than ever to find their role at home and in society. More females; as of 2010; are now employed than males in the USA. More females are now achieving in adademia as well. They are now attaining more PHD's, Bachelor degrees, and Associate degrees than men. More women even graduate high school today than men. I know you may say that this is only compensating for past gender based disparities, but I cite the long term effect that this trend has on the family and future generations. Children do need the nurturing of a mother and the direct on hands leadership that can be best offered by a father. "Progressive" designs have attempted to make these virtues irrevelent. I would offer as evidence Hillary Clinton's book about the "Global Village". Progressive Globalists are devoted to the falsehood that the world community via the UN knows best how to raise our children. Clinton and Barack are backing every effort of the UN to impose their agenda on our local communities and our very homes. We really need strong men ___and women to stand up now for family values and national soveriegnty. Come on boys--Use It or Lose it! (I mean your God given rights and all your abilities, of course.)

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Scott, you hit the nail on the head. Were being led by a bunch of F***ing metrosexuals.