Friday, September 14, 2012

Food Stamp Friday

 Not to worry folks...The welfare check and your Food Stamp card is in the mail.
Congress passed it's six month stopgap measure largely focused on keeping the entitlement boat afloat. 

Wall Street hailed the next round of PERMANENT BAILOUTS (at least for the forseeable future) that Ben Bernanke announced yesterday. We now owe our soul to the FED, if we didn't already. This is great for the bankers who will have more money to loan to each other, and for hedge fund managers and their ilk who will be able to gamble with more of YOUR money. Your IRA accounts will be adversely affected however, as the value of the dollar falls, and bond yields take a hit.
This will do nothing, or very little to infuse capital into the REAL economy, to create jobs, or loosen up funds for capital investments.
The vaunted middle class takes one on the chin again as the continued market manipulation by; and for the elite continues apace. Hyperinflation will continue. Energy costs and gas prices will continue to rise.
Read more on Bernanke's hyperinflation and the Weimar Republic at The Freedom Post.


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