Thursday, September 27, 2012

OHHHH...The OHIO Moron Vote

Howard Stern nails the useful idiots again!
This is why I am calling on all sentient Americans left in Ohio...Get out there on Tuesday and VOTE EARLY.

The Daily Caller asked people on the streets of NYC just how much they know about Obama. Using the Impostor in Chief's book as a reference random people were asked if they knew about Obama's drug use, his affinity for Marxists, etc.., it seems that most are not all that well informed....(video removed)

Dey walk among us...gangsta style!!!

Is it possible that this type of Man on the Street interviews could bear positive fruit in the upcoming 2012 election? If so this summer would be the perfect time to get your tea party group out with a camera and make the rounds... I would also print out some cards with links to his book and where they can hear and view more from his own words. I want him to hang himself this time with his own past, words, beliefs, and associations, etc...

Add a 69 Obama Lies booklet to each person willing to interview and you have a winning combo!

But HE giv us cell other stuff...Kool-Aid an shi!!! Dats right!!! An Romney SUCKS bad!!!!



How’s that Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out for Ya? said...

So lets see if I go this right? It was on the night of 9-11-2012 when Obama was notified that our embassy was not only raided but set on fire, the American flag that hung over it was torn down and set afire and replaced with a black symbol of al-qaeda, our Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans were brutally murdered. And our president Barack Hussein Obama went to bed because he had an early day planned for the next day. And the day after that he had plans to fly Air Force One to New York where he held up traffic for 15 hours while he filmed a Dave Letterman show and partied with J-Z and Boyance at a 4 Million Dollar Fund Raiser Party where they dined with $800-per-bottle champagne, etc and etc.. . . When morning came
he cancelled his security briefing and took off on another fun day of talking, campaigning,
talking, fund raising, and more talk,. As the Elvis once said, how about a little less
talk and a lot more action? But meanwhile back to the campaign trail: He took in Las Vegas and picked up another cool 5 Million and then that evening took off for Colorado that evening and arrived there around 10PM and the 13th. was more of the same until he arrived back at the White House that night. And went 48 hours without one single presidential task and he didn’t even need to unpack the Teleprompter. That is unless lying is now considered a presidential task! . But pray tell what did he do about the Middle East and Ambassador Stevens’s murder? Oh yes, I almost forget, that he instructed his Secretary of State to lie through her teeth as well, because he knew that she was really very good at that having a husband who taught her so very well. But them after a round of Golf he and a snack behind Michelle the Moocher’s back, he figured it out was magnificent! So he thought! Lets blame this whole friggen thing on a lile old youtube film that a Jew or some other American pansy made about insulting the Great one, The Prophet Muhammad. Sure, blame it on that and the whole dirty mess will go away. This was a Liberal lie that was a real beauty, it will get him off the hook and give the Muslims a bone so that they will appreciate my concern. Ah Ha, this was real intelligent, something that only a sneak like me could think up. .
But no, it was not only a stupid lie, it was one of the dumbest things that any US president ever did, it made Richard Nixon look like Mother Teresa. I’ve seen inept, useless men before, but never one that held the title of the President of the United States of America. As presidents go, he makes Carter look like a genius. He can’t give a simple statement without lying and without his Teleprompter.

Scott Way said...

Welcome to my Right Wing Extremist world. Are we the dinosaurs or the last bastion of freedom in this world?...Time will tell.