Friday, November 8, 2013

ARAFAT LIVES! "Attack Of The Martian Muslims"

It’s almost like these clerics enjoy making a mockery out of their religion.


A SAUDI sheikh has issued a fatwa against anyone wanting to travel to Mars.
A member Saudi Arabia’s board of religious scholars Sheikh Ali al Hemki has criticised the Mars One project which is attempting to organise a commercial mission to the red planet and has drawnexpressions of interest from more than 200 thousand people worldwide.
The Ah Hayat newspaper quotes him as saying the mission does not conform to “responsible Muslim” practices.
“These experiments will lead to the destruction of those who try,” and so should be done with animals, not people,” he said...VIDEO HERE


              Volunteers wanted for one-way ticket to Mars


Dutch company seeks applicants to travel to the Red Planet - but without offering a return ticket. 

Mars One, a Dutch company, has begun its search for volunteers to fly and live on the red planet - but it's a one-way trip.

At a press conference in New York City on Monday, the company's CEO Bas Lansdorp announced an open call for anyone to apply for the flight, knowing that they will never be able to return home. The mission will be one-way only because there currently is no technology that would enable a return trip from Mars to Earth.

"Today, the Mars One foundation starts the search for Mars inhabitants. The search for people from all nations who want to settle on Mars. Mars One is a non profit organization that is working on landing the first crew on Mars in 2023 and another crew every two years after that," he said...Al Jazeera


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