Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ray Kelly For Mayor of New York

"Your dad should have had that vasectomy you Commie student punk!"
Greg Gutfeld sys it all RIGHT HERE
Jenny Li is a Brown University student, a fellow at the People for the American Way Foundation, helps run Brown Asian Sisters Empowered, and is an environmental activist who is Executive Director of the Brown emPower environmental group:
She’s also someone who was proud to shut down the Ray Kelly lecture at Brown:
So we drafted a petition last Thursday and as of today [October 29, 2013] there are over 500 signatures. We delivered it to the Taubman Center [at Brown] and they didn’t respond to our demand to cancel the lecture, so today we cancelled it for them.
And she’s a very angry person (at 2:40): SICKO VIDEO HERE

Li was not alone, of course. 
There were many angry faces who, if given the power, would shut down a lot more speech than that of Ray Kelly.

Obama rejected Kelly for the head of DHS after CAIR and his Muslim Bros threw a hissy fit! 

There was some real angry ugliness at Brown University Tuesday night, as NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was shouted down and his lecture shut down.

There has been celebration in some circles at Brown, but not from Biology Professor Ken Miller, a Brown grad himself.
Miller wrote a wonderful letter to the Brown...  : Read More at Legal Innsurrection


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

In order to enjoy free speech around a liberal, you must agree with them.

Scott Way said...

More old skool Democrats need to wake up to that fact Odie.