Tuesday, June 3, 2014

California's New "Turn In Your Neighbor" Bill

California’s new anti-gun bill (AB 1014) is a NIGHTMARE for law-abiding gun owners! Anyone –including absolute strangers– can turn you in for being someone they “think” is a “significant risk“…for the mere possession of firearms. With as little as a misunderstood Facebook post, your gun rights could be stripped away and your life turned upside down. Law enforcement could seize your guns “from any place, or from any person” –including your friends and family– “in whose possession the firearm may be” at anytime… day or night. So long, Fourth Amendment!
Assembly Bill 1014 takes everything that’s wrong with current law and doubles down on the stupid, ineffective, and unconstitutional parts. It’s really nothing less than abandonment of common sense and going all-in on trampling all over privacy, free speech, due process, and the presumption of innocence.
Under this proposed bill you wouldn’t have the right to be evaluated by a mental health professional. You don’t even have a right to an adversarial hearing before the restraining order is granted. You don’t have to be convicted of a crime, or even formally charged with actually doing anything wrong. Your disposition will be decided by a magistrate, without the right to face or cross-examine your accusers. This legislation is virtually begging people to abuse it.
and tell them to OPPOSE AB 1014!

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I do and I have!

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I think that you have better neighbors than most Odie...and if the Moonbats invade, I'm sure you will know about it!