Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Student Group Demands..."The Lunatic Left Diversity Gulag"

When it comes to anti-American brainwashing on college campuses, no matter how far they push the envelope, someone will want to push it further still:
A liberal group at the University of Minnesota (U of M) has ordered the school to admit it is a product of the evil actions of colonial Americans and must fundamentally alter its structure to make it up to marginalized communities.
“We demand an acknowledgement that the university exists as a product of colonialistic processes,” states the official website for the group, which calls itself “Whose Diversity?”

The militant moonbats have compiled a list of demanded changes intended to right the wrong of our civilization’s existence.
The list of changes gives the school two years to have at least two “faculty members of color” in every single department who are “engaging in critical race and ethnic studies scholarship with a social justice emphasis.” It also demands that students with “historically marginalized backgrounds” have the opportunity to be involved in hiring these faculty.
That is, every department, from physics to Slavic languages, must orient itself around the liberal worship of certain groups that are revered for their lack of achievement.
In the age of ObamaCare, not even medicine escapes from the lunacy:
Further demands include hiring more “medical providers of historically marginalized identities whose work is rooted in social justice [i.e., race-based Marxism]” and increasing the number of “non-white” students to meet very specific proportions.
According to liberal ideology, a university’s central purpose is to marginalize white people and their evil civilization with the ultimate goal of eradicating both entirely. Only then can oppressed noble savages return to the opulent utopias they inhabited before Europe inflicted modern civilization on the world.
But it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss liberalism as being all about hating the white man and his achievements. It is also about promoting sexual deviancy:
In terms of “restructuring curriculum,” the group orders the school to force every student to take at least one course on “gender non-conforming issues,” and offer “substantially more” courses on “marginalized peoples.”
“Marginalized peoples” consist of any peoples normal Americans can be marginalized in favor of.
Another demand is for the police to stop mentioning race in crime alerts. Public safety is a small price to pay for ideological purity.
Over 700 students, faculty, and alumni have endorsed the list of lunatic demands. Some version of the list is likely to be inflicted.
When you go into years of debt for a college education that need only cost a small fraction of what you pay for it, you are propping up the insane asylum that produces stories like this one.

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