Monday, June 2, 2014

CNN Caught Sabotaging Gun Control Poll

How desperate is the corrupt left wing media to indoctrinate people on gun control? Let’s take a look at what CNN is doing with their latest poll asking if America needs ‘stricter’ gun laws. The first problem with CNN’s polling is that nowhere on the American page is the poll question being asked. Instead, the poll was put on the CNN International page, asking a bunch of Eurotrash if they think America’s gun laws need to be stricter. Am I supposed to really give a damn what the Euros think about our gun laws?
Secondly, according to BuzzPo, those users who try and vote no on CNN’s poll aren’t even getting their votes counted.

The second major issue, is that many “No” votes are not being tallied. This was originally brought to attention by “The Truth About Guns” Facebook page. I initially had my doubts, so I began voting “No” from several different computers and mobile devices. Sure enough, the fans from “The Truth About Guns” are right on the money! Many of the “No” votes are not being counted!
Yes, after the Isla Vista shooting, stabbing and car running over the left has revived the gun control debate, and the corrupt media is giddy to help.

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