Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Armed Robber's Family Desperately Wants To Blame Others For His Demise

The family of another “good boy” who was “just getting his life back on track” clearly wants to shift the blame for his death onto the store owner who shot him in self-defense.They just can’t seem to figure out how to do it:
Isiah Haggins, Jr. was killed while attempting to rob a store in Dayton, Ohio.

Police identified the person shot and killed during an attempted robbery yesterday as 16-year-old Isiah Haggins, Jr., of Trotwood. An autopsy is being performed today.
The attempted robbery happened at the Step-N-Style on Siebenthaler Avenue.
Haggins grandmother, Kay Haggins, said today that the family just wants answers.
“We just want answers … want to know what happened. where he was shot.” she said. “Was it self-defense? Because it’s their word and he’s not here to speak for himself. We are just going by what he said. I just want to know how my grandchild died.”

 Mrs. Haggins, how and why your grandchild died is blindingly obvious to everyone… including you.
He pointed a gun at a hard-working store owner, attempting to take by force what he was unwilling to work for on his own. The testimony of the store owner, two eyewitnesses, and multiple security cameras that will likely confirm what you already know.
Sadly, your grandchild was not raised to respect others, or hard work, or the lives of others. A short life and violent death is his reward.

H/T to Bob Owens and Madd Medic

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