Friday, July 18, 2014

Obama Didn't Pay Peggy's Mortgage? There's No Place Like Utopia!

Obama is getting a double whammy at the theaters this month. First, Dinesh D'Souza releases his documentary, America: Imagine the World Without Her. Today Joel Gilbert releases his.  In There's No Place Like Utopia, Gilbert takes us down the progressive yellow brick road and across America as he exposes the failures associated with the false promises of a socialist-based utopia.

According to Accuracy in Media, Gilbert portrays Obama as the new wizard, in the tradition of Lenin, Mao and Castro [and] highlights Obama’s “transformation” of America into asocialist state through personal visits to such cities as Chicago, Detroit and Denver, and interviews with the perpetrators and victims of Obama’s schemes.

One person Gilbert visits is Peggy Joseph, the Florida woman who said after an Obama speech in 2008: “I won’t have to worry about puttin’ gas in my car, I won’t have to worry about payin’ my mortgage.”  According to a review in The Washington Timeseven SHE has turned on the president and has seen the light shining as bright as the hot sun on a non-man-made globally warm day.

Start checking to see where this documentary will be playing near you. 

“Utopian Fantasy Is A Socialist Hell On Earth” 
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