Monday, July 28, 2014

Never Forget Who Instigated Chaos In Libya

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”—George Soros

If George Soros isn’t the world’s preeminent “malignant messianic narcissist,” he’ll do until the real thing comes along.  

Move over, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.  There’s a new kid on the block.What we have in Soros, is a multi-billionaire atheist, with skewed moral values, and a sociopath’s lack of conscience.  

He considers himself to be a world class philosopher, despises capitalism, and just loves social engineering.

Uh oh.  Can you say “trouble,” boys and girls?

Soros is a real life version of Dr. Evil—with Obama in the role of Mini-Me.  Which is not as humorous as it might at first sound.  In fact, it’s bone-deep chilling.

Canada Free Press

Liberals hate Israel. The dopes on the left have bought into the myth that Israel is oppressive and is the single source of all that is wrong in the Middle East. They are the sole source of misery to the poor Palestinians; those dirty Jews, stealing their homeland. Taking by force what rightfully belongs to the Palestinians.

Even self-hating Jew George Soros (yes, he’s Jewish) is underwriting groups that work against Israel’s interests.

When asked about anti-Semitism in Europe, Soros said European anti-Semitism is the result of the policies of Israel and the United States.

Jews are so evil, so the theory goes, that they cause anti-Semitism.

That’s like a rapist saying a woman deserved or was asking to be raped because she was dressed a certain way and everyone agreeing with the premise.

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Libya Airstrikes: The Women Who Called for War

That a diplomatic team led by Hillary Clinton,

 Susan Rice, and Samantha Power advocated 

military action against Gaddafi may be a footnote 

in the Libyan conflict—but it is a significant mark 

of our nation's evolution, argues John Avlon.

LET US NOT FORGET: For anyone who thinks that Samantha Power is just some low level cog in the Washington machine, the New York Times just did a nice profile on her role in the current administration.It turns out that Mrs. Cass Sunstein is probably the most dangerous woman in America, after all.

Samantha Power and the anti-Israel "Responsibility to Protect"

The Libyan airstrikes mark the first time in U.S. history that a female-dominated diplomatic team has urged military action.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joined with U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and the influential Office of Multilateral and Human Rights Director Samantha Power to argue for airstrikes against Libya. Their advice triggered an abrupt shift in U.S. policy, overturning more cautious administrations' counselors....

Here on May 20, 2011 The Daily Beast is touting the Libyan incursion as a huge success for these great "womyn of American diplomacy".

The circumstances under which the U.S. decided to attack the Gaddafi regime reveal an internal evolution of strategy. 
Until last week it was assumed the North African uprising against dictatorships would overwhelm the Libyan dictator. But in the absence of an established no-fly zone, he successfully turned the tide against rebels in the eastern half of his nation by strafing his citizens.

Today we see how well this George Soros / Samantha Power globalist agenda has turned out...EXACTLY AS THEY PLANNED...TOTAL CHAOS driven by anti-semitic warring tribes and the friends of Obama...The Muslim Brotherhood....The Benghazi consulate attack and the closure of our Libyan embassy...BUT THE LEFT IS NOT FINISHED WITH THEIR GLOBAL DESTABILIZATION YET!


Libya suffered from an order out of chaos plan. A similar design on Russia’s frontier is now underway

Kurt Nimmo
February 22, 2014

Back in 2011 the Party of Regions warned that if left unchecked the globalist financier George Soros would unleash a “Libyan scenario” on Ukraine.

In January we reported on the cynical attempt by Soros to undermine Ukraine and other nations in the Russian Federation. Soros’ Open Society Institute, now known as Open Society Foundations (OSF), doles out grants to activist NGOs in central Europe and builds upon and continues the work of the Ford Foundation. 

Since the early 1950s, the CIA has used the Ford Foundation as a funding cover. Soros and a handful of U.S. organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy destabilize and overthrow governments, tasks formerly accomplished by the CIA.

The destabilization of the Ukrainian government is part of an ongoing geostrategic move by the globalists to undermine any challenge to their hegemonic designs. Libya suffered the result of what is essentially an order out of chaos plan. A similar plan on Russia’s frontier is now underway.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

They will make the world in their own image.

Scott Way said...

They must "remake America" first Odie...A process well underway...The final step is to change all the language...They might as well kill the historians first...Stalin did!