Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Say no to Kony 2012...And To Corrupt US involvement

I saw this poster plastered on an electrical box at a major intersection in my "Ville" today. I just happened on this excellent take written by Matthew Smith which details the folly of America's involvement with third world dictatorships or with the so called liberators of said countries.

This is how it began in Afghanistan with the Mujahideen

Is this how it will end on the African continent?

From American Wing 

What interest does America have with Joseph Kony in 2012? Joseph Kony is an African warlord and leader of the Lords Resistance Army in the African nations of Congo, Sudan, and Uganda. Kony’s LRA army is said to be composed mostly of children....
Here is the link to a great read...Say no to Kony 2012

Here is a story on related foreign issues...From...The Guardian

Relations between the US and Afghanistan's president, Hamid Karzai, came under renewed strain after a senior Congressman highly critical of the Kabul government was barred from entering Afghanistan.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Republican chairman of the House foreign affairs subcommittee on oversight and investigation, has been an outspoken opponent of Karzai. Rohrabacher has engaged with other Afghan leaders about a more decentralised form of government for Afghanistan and called for a US investigation into alleged government corruption.

He had been leading a delegation to Afghanistan but was stopped in Dubai on Friday on his way to Kabul. The other members of the delegation had visas for Afghanistan but Rohrabacher did not.
According to his press spokeswoman, the US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, personally intervened to convey a message from Karzai that the congressman would not be welcome and asking him not to continue to Kabul.

Rohrabacher was still in Dubai on Sunday but scheduled to depart on Monday.
Karzai has repeatedly infuriated the Obama administration with his sharp public criticism of the US, even as Washington spends billions of dollars on security and aid in Afghanistan.
Blocking entry to a member of Congress adds to the growing tally of incidents that have strained ties.

"This doesn't look great a month before Chicago," a senior diplomat in Kabul said.

Nato is due to hold discussions at the Chicago summit next month on future relations with Afghanistan, and the US and its allies are expected to seal an agreement for long-term funding of the Afghan police and army...Read More

FYI... This agreement, which was voted upon by the Afghan government; but will not see a vote in our own Congress; will extend US involvement and continue existing corrupt funding for at least another 10 years after the so-called troop withdrawals begin next year, or in 2014. Most analysts believe that this is another open ended commitment similar to what we have been stuck with in South Korea and in nauseum. 

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