Thursday, July 12, 2012

Media Propaganda "shapes America in their own leftist image."

The Bay Area’s liberal politics extend beyond the Keen-sandal-wearing, Prius-driving hippies who run the city councils. There are also strong opinions about the way you should raise your children. Begin with a drug-free birth, carry your baby in a sling, and breast-feed and co-sleep until the kid goes to college. No television, no sugar, no plastic toys, and absolutely no spanking. Make all your own baby food using local organic produce, and don’t put anything on your child’s skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth.

All of this was fine until my son turned 2. “Shea, eat your salt-free organic flaxseed crackers, please.”
“Shea, put on your flame-retardant-free pajamas, please.”
“Shea, stop throwing your lead-free painted toys at your sister.”
“No, no, and no!”

I tried timeouts until one of my attachment-parenting friends told me that a timeout is supposed to last no longer in minutes than a child’s age in years. After my son threw his fork at my head for the third time, I plopped him in his crib and closed the door. “Cry all you want,” I called. “You don’t throw a fork at your mother’s head.” Shea seemed so wise beyond his years that I figured 12 minutes was about right—just long enough for me to guzzle a glass of Petite Sirah...

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Author and lawyer Ben Shapiro accuses Hollywood of rampant liberal bias in his new book Primetime Propaganda.

While the theme song to the kids show Sesame Street encourages people to ask how to get there, one author just finished an expose exploring what’s really in the popular show: left-wing propaganda.

Sesame Street, with its loveable and fuzzy characters, is really a mouthpiece for the left’s agenda. That’s the conclusion of author Ben Shapiro, who after interviewing hundreds of industry insiders found that many of Hollywood’s most popular shows, including the popular kids program, are inundated with secret political messages. And he got top executives to admit it.

He says the industry's elite uses broadcast to "shape America in their own leftist image."
"I was shocked by the openness of the Hollywood crowd when it came to admitting anti-conservative discrimination inside the industry," Shapiro told The U.K. Independent on Sunday. "They weren't ashamed of it. In fact, some were actually proud of it."

One of the 70 people he interviewed was Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, who told Shapiro she hired a "bunch of liberals" to "put out there what we believe."
That included casting Newt Gingrich's lesbian sister to play a preacher at a lesbian wedding on the show.

"When we did the lesbian wedding, we knew there was going to be some flack," says Kauffman in the book. "I have to say, when we cast Candice Gingrich as the minister of that wedding, there was a bit of a 'f--k you' in it to the right-wing, directly."

Vin DiBona agrees Hollywood has a liberal bias, saying, "I'm happy about it actually." He says MacGyver, which he produced, has an anti-gun agenda.

"That was the whole premise of the program, that MacGuyver used his brain power and skill and science, and solved all the difficulties through ingenuity. No guns, no knives," he says.
MASH had a pacifist agenda, says co-creator and director Gene Reynolds. "We wanted to point out the wastefulness of war," he says in the book.

Happy Days writer Bill Bickley admits the show had a "whole subtext" against the Vietnam War. "If you really look for it, you can find it," he says.

Shapiro is the hardest on Sesame Street, accusing creators of trying to brainwash children. One of the show's founding executives, Mike Dann, says, the longtime kids series "was not made for the sophisticated or the middle class."

I write today about the Leftist plan to steal our children. I could offer many more examples of this treachery, but what it boils down to is this. When push comes to shove the statist or globalist tyrants will always run to the UN to rob you of your rights and your sovereignty.
This fall...NOVEMBER 12th is the tentative date...just after the election OF COURSE...The "UN  child's rights treaty" will leap out at us again! Be aware!!!  Your Second Ammendment rights are being hit this month.

Sen. Barbara Boxer is urging the U.S. to ratify a United Nations measure meant to expand the rights of children, a move critics are calling a gross assault on parental rights that could rob the U.S. of sovereignty.

According to the Parental Rights website, the substance of the CRC dictates the following:
  • Parents would no longer be able to administer reasonable spankings to their children.
  • A murderer aged 17 years, 11 months and 29 days at the time of his crime could no longer be sentenced to life in prison.
  • Children would have the ability to choose their own religion while parents would only have the authority to give their children advice about religion.
  • The best interest of the child principle would give the government the ability to override every decision made by every parent if a government worker disagreed with the parent’s decision.
  • A child’s “right to be heard” would allow him (or her) to seek governmental review of every parental decision with which the child disagreed.
  • According to existing interpretation, it would be illegal for a nation to spend more on national defense than it does on children’s welfare.
  • Children would acquire a legally enforceable right to leisure.
  • Teaching children about Christianity in schools has been held to be out of compliance with the CRC.
  • Allowing parents to opt their children out of sex education has been held to be out of compliance with the CRC.
  • Children would have the right to reproductive health information and services, including abortions, without parental knowledge or consent.

“Where the child has a right fulfilled by the government, the responsibilities shift from parents to the government,” Farris said. “The implications of all this shifting of responsibilities is that parents no longer have the traditional roles of either being responsible for their children or having the right to direct their children.”

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The left will not be denied. Everything must be done their way, or you will be dealt with.

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