Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Battle For Our Future Starts Here

John Adams and Thomas Jefferson are deleted from the textbooks, while the creation of the Sierra Club and the National Organization of Womyn is celebrated in earnest. George Washington's farewell address is deleted. All references to Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, other American entrepreneurs , and examples of exceptionalism / individualism have been eliminated from the classroom. The Soviet Union is praised to no end for their space program, while the US moon landings are not even mentioned. Convicted traitors to our nation are given a pardon in mock trials conducted in our classrooms.

The Communists rewrite history all the time, with grand flourishes and straight faces. And many American liberals do too.

First it was California, which recently mandated public schools to inflate -- incorporate, they say -- the contributions of homosexuals to California state history and United States history. This indoctrination begins as young as kindergarten and, according to Tim Donnelly, a Republican state lawmaker, essentially forbids the educational system to portray homosexuals "in anything other than a positive light."

And in L.A., the school board is pushing its schools to go even further, including direct efforts to "promote" homosexuality, portraying it as a normal variant of family life ("family diversity," they say). The role of homosexuals will be exaggerated in every subject across the curriculum.

New York will follow suit, no doubt, as their new homosexual 'marriage' law has generated a push by gay advocates for a similarly "inclusive" curriculum. It's nothing more than sexual indoctrination dressed up as history. Bringing the homosexual message into the curriculum aims, in the words of gay City Council member Daniel Dromm, to prevent society from "putting LGBT people in the closet."

In Massachusetts, however, it's real history that's being shoved into the closet.

A Somerville, Massachusetts public school principal, for instance, has banned the celebration of Columbus Day and Thanksgiving, calling them American "atrocities" parading under the guise of historical holidays. Her decision, motivated by a desire to spare students and school personnel the pain of feeling insulted by the celebrations, further distorts history at the expense of ever-growing victim groups...

Read More at The Patriot Post

"We are fighting for our children's education and our nation's future," Cynthia Dunbar said. "In Texas we have certain statutory obligations to promote patriotism and to promote the free enterprise system. There seems to have been a move away from a patriotic ideology. There seems to be a denial that this was a nation founded under God. We had to go back and make some corrections."...Read More at The Guardian

It’s all a matter of perception. Fortunately, homeschooling is legal in all 50 states. Yet, since education is regulated by the states, requirements vary dramatically from state to state for homeschoolers. The difference ranges from complete freedom with no requirements to forced curriculum and achievement tests.
  • States requiring no notice: No state requirement for parents to initiate any contact
  • States with low regulation: State requires parental notification only.
  • States with moderate regulation: State requires parents to send notification, test scores, and/or professional evaluation of student progress.
  • State with high regulation: State requires parents to send notification or achievement test scores and/or professional evaluation, plus other requirements (e.g. curriculum approval by the state, teacher qualification of parents, or home visits by state officials). (Source: HSLDA).
The 10 freest states for homeschooling are in green and listed below:
  1. Alaska
  2. Connecticut
  3. Idaho
  4. Illinois
  5. Indiana
  6. Michigan
  7. Missouri
  8. New Jersey
  9. Oklahoma
  10. Texas
People homeschool their children for many different reasons and they should have the right to opt out of any standardized curriculum. Unfortunately this is not the case in most states. But for those who are interested in homeschooling with the ultimate freedom to unschool if they choose, the ten states above are your best locations...Read More at Activist Post


This is for you Texans out there who have a huge effect on what is put in, or taken out, of our textbooks.

Sign the petition to help protect our children’s education!
At The Liberty Institute

For over a year, Texans have been speaking out against attempts to remove or diminish important historical figures, celebrations, concepts and symbols like:

  • Neil Armstrong
  • Albert Einstein
  • Christmas
  • Independence Day
  • The Liberty Bell
  • Religious Heritage
Thank God a majority of the SBOE rightly struck down such misguided versions of history. Without the elected Board, these important figures would have been removed from social studies for the next 10 years.

But the fringe left still wants to destroy the SBOE’s role as a voice on education standards. Why? Because they want unlimited control over what students learn, to radically change the worldview of our next generation by distorting history.

The review process began over a year ago, but now liberal academia, the ACLU and some political candidates want the State Board of Education to delay the final vote on social studies standards from May 21, 2010 until January 2011 -- after the November elections -- and one State Senator wants to abolish the SBOE and take away your vote!

Stand up for Texas education -- sign the petition now:

  1. I oppose the attempted takeover of education by the extreme left
  2. I support final adoption of social studies standards on May 21, 2010, as scheduled
  3. I support a State Board of Education that has members elected by the public
Email the State Board of Education your support at: sboesupport

HERE is a class on what free speech means and what the Lefties REALLY think it means.



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It just keeps getting worse. Parents need to pound on their school boards desks!

Scott Way said...

The public sector unions must be dismantled before we can gain back control of the system.