Thursday, November 1, 2012

The "People's Choice" the CPUSA

America's most prominent, dedicated communists support Barack Obama and are actively campaigning on his behalf. If that sentence makes you uncomfortable, then you have two choices: continue reading and face your fear, or stop reading and get back to whatever activities you normally use to drown out disturbing thoughts.

In an age of mass media disinformation and distraction, one expects the politically neutered majority to find the legitimate vocabulary of open political discussion -- freedom, communism, socialism, oppression -- uncomfortable and strange. 

These words disturb their moral tranquility -- that sense of "no big deal" normalcy that allows them to carry on with everyday activities, unperturbed by the kinds of questions that make prime-time entertainment seem...well, like a waste of time...(snip)

Let us keep this short, simple, and, in the name of social justice, gender-equalized.

Angela Davis was the Communist Party USA's vice presidential candidate in 1980 and 1984 and is a former Black Panther. In 1979, the Soviet Union awarded her its Lenin Peace Prize. 

(I kid you not; they also made her an honorary professor at Moscow State University.) 

Davis spoke in Detroit on October 25. One of the local dignitaries there to prepare the audience for her remarks was Congressman John Conyers, who noted the timeliness of Davis' appearance on a "night where we not only remember history but plan how we're going to make history...Dr. Davis, you're right on time!"

CPUSA reporter Mark Walton informs us that the focus of Davis's speech was the election.  

Attempting to battle the disappointment some of her comrades have expressed regarding the rate of progress in implementing the Obama agenda they voted for in 2008, she urged, "As we go to the polls, let us recall that no one thought it was possible to elect a black president."
She then pleaded for patience with Obama's practical implementation of the program, noting that "we should never expect to elect a president to lead us to the Promised Land...we have to do it for ourselves."

After thus defending Obama and urging her audience to vote for him, as well as offering the obligatory condemnation of "Israeli apartheid," she concluded by declaring that "we need peace, justice, equality, and socialism for us all."

"Socialism for us all" -- that's her final, bottom-line argument for getting out and voting for Barack Obama.

Going "forward." How about that?

                                                                        Pirate The Vote In Ohio!

For the umpteenth time, the question for all those considering voting for Obama who do not actively support the intentional overthrow of the American constitutional republic in favor of an openly socialist authoritarian regime is a simple one: "Why do you think the leadership of the Communist Party USA is out in the battleground states during these final days of the campaign, aggressively stumping for Obama?"

The answer, of course, is self-evident, as well as being explicitly and repeatedly stated by the communists themselves: they believe that Obama's agenda is the most practical means to the socialist workers' state.

A final question for the non-America-hating Obama "moderates": "If the CPUSA's longstanding party-line judgment on Obama is correct -- that is, if his agenda really is the surest path to communism -- why are you still supporting him?"

If you believe that the communists are completely misjudging Obama, and that his platform is not actually consistent with their goals, then I challenge you to take a look at their own case for his agenda and try to disprove their assessment. The same challenge goes out to all those in the Republican establishment who have spent the last four years inventing a new euphemistic vocabulary in order to escape the uncomfortable demands of correct English.

Still "going forward"?

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Here is an excellent quote often popularly attributed to Norman Thomas and sometimes attributed to Ronald Reagan (the so-called “truth” website,, questions the authorship assertion while totally ignoring the factual reality of the quote):

“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”




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