Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Thug Vote

"I went to bed last night a citizen and I woke up a subject"
I felt that we were in trouble in this election for the past two weeks, but it really hit me yesterday afternoon after I left the polls and heard the local Obama zombies discussing their lives. Most were in fear of losing their "FREE STUFF".
One young black man, wearing gangsta colors and gear, was on the phone with one of his peeps. He told his brother that he had a lot of "work" (slang for crack) to do and that he had better get over to his crib and get somethin' done. They joked about changing shifts from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm because the "po po" were on their backs.
Then the thug I was next to on the bus told his brother that he better get downtown to the polls and vote. I don't think that his friend wanted to bother. The man told him that he has to work within the system in order to change it.
...Sound advice if somewhat subversive in nature...
He said that if their boy (Obama) didn't win they were going to be forced to start stealing again and that they would go to prison. He stated that Romney would take all their entitlements away and they would be out of business. He would have to go out and buy them both passports.
The sad fact is that he is not alone. A large portion of the drug slingers depend on welfare and Social Security recipients for their do the loan sharks and the used furniture dealers in town. No joke...I hear these people talking every day and they have no shame to their game.
They want this slavery to the state to continue so that they, in turn, may continue to enslave others.
I watched in horror as busloads of the obviously dependant class began to arrive at the polling station.
This is being replayed in urban centers around this nation.
With Mitt Romney’s projected defeat in the presidential race tonight, Americans are very clearly divided into two camps.
The first camp is those who want a country of unending bailouts, of free giveaways, of government-provided goods and services – a camp of Americans who want to forfeit the future to guarantee ease and comfort in the present. The second camp is those who understand that that world is unsustainable, who recognize that freedom is the only guarantor of the present and the future...(snip)

The Democrat-Media Complex, as Andrew Breitbart labeled the nexus between the Democrats and their journalistic guardians, must be defeated. So must their educators in the university system; so, too, must their allies in Hollywood, who change culture in order to change politics.

And the fight against liberalism does not end. Tonight was a loss for conservatism. But it was a reminder that America is not a liberal country. It is a country that is split down the middle. And that gap is growing wider. The only way to rectify the breach is to fight for unification under basic constitutional principles.

We will not heel. We will not stop. The defeat of Barack Obama would have launched the beginning of America coming together. But apparently, liberal America prefers to battle for the soul of the country.

And so we battle.

Democracy works. We still believe in democracy. We still believe in the power of ideas. But the only way to win in the battle of ideas is to fight the bullies, as Andrew did. Democracy is not blood; that’s a miracle. But the civil war for the heart and soul of this country is real.

We’ve made gains; perhaps we will even win the popular vote. In any case, the election of 2012 was not the election of 2008. But the battle has only just started.

The war begins now.

#War...Read More at Breitbart

I am sorry to report that three of my conservative blogger friends have decided to give up the fight today alone. One who I respect highly is She of the Fuzzy Slippers. She will be sadly missed.

One thing we must admit...As I reformat my blog for the ongoing battle with the Lefties over the next four years...I will have an extremely target rich environment in which to work. I intend to expose this corrupt regime and their media lapdogs at every turn. My children and grandchildren deserve no less. 

Good hunting out there to those with the heart for it!


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

"They have us surrounded ... the poor bastards!!!" We do it together always Scotty!

Scott Way said...

Third world immigrants and class envy "occupiers" turned the corner for Obuma. This is a fleeting love affair with the Left. We do surround them!