Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Don't Mess Wit Dat Lil' Redneck Chick

As many of you realize, in this totalitarian nanny state we live in, there are laws and policies which attempt to restrict your right / or your ability to photograph on City Property, Government Property, or even on Mall Property.
Apparently Odie's Walmartians have not become aware of these rules yet.
However, at one of my local area malls, the overzealous Mall Guard in the following video (according to news sources) has just attempted to strike a woman and take her camera away. This lil' beastie was not to have any of it! Check it out...BTW my stepson is the one offering MMA commentary.
During last week's accident in which a semi plunged into a ravine near the Ohio Valley Mall, a scuffle broke out between a mall security guard and a woman taking photos of the accident.
Mall Director of Corporate Communications, Joe Bell, told WTRF on Monday that the fight occurred on mall property and the security guard was doing her job and was explaining that no pictures were allowed on mall property when the fight broke out.
Bell added no one was charged in the incident.

You may now proceed below for my normal fare of disgraceful national news if you wish...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Chick fight, chick fight! Thanks for the linky pooh Scott.

Scott Way said...

All is fair in the chick fight arena...Any time Odie!