Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Liberals And Democrats Believe

You’re a liberal if you do something wrong … but it’s always someone else’s fault.

You’re a liberal when you think infanticide is “women’s health care”.

Democrats believe in exploiting minorities for votes.

Democrats believe in keeping poor people poor.

Democrats rejoice in the deaths of children so they can exploit them for a political agenda.

Liberals call it “free speech” when someone tramples on the American flag.

Liberals believe no one has the right to be richer, smarter, have more talent, or better looking than them.

Liberals believe boys and girls are the same.

Liberals believe it’s beneficial to teach 5 and 6 year old children about adult sex.

Liberals believe it’s racist to disagree with Barack Obama.

Liberals believe it’s not racist to call conservative black politicians “Uncle Tom”, “House N**ger”, etc.

Liberals believe Democrats don’t lie.

Democrats know liberals think they don’t lie … so they keep lying to them, and liberals keep believing them.

Liberals hate rich people … unless they are rich liberals.

Democrats hate rich people … unless the rich donate to Democrats.

Liberals hate any reference to God by anything state-run … Yet Obama is god to them.

Democrats and liberals (one and the same) still blame Bush after nearly five years of Obama.

Liberals believe in “global warming” … yet even the Huffington Post admits the earth is cooling.

Liberals believe Hillary Clinton doesn’t lie.


Liberals believe Ambassador Stevens and the three other Americans “sacrificed” their own lives in Benghazi.

Liberals believe the Ground Hog Day prediction.

Liberals believe Guam will tip over if too many people are on the island.

Liberals believe Obama-care will be free.

Liberals believe in feeding and clothing the poor … as long as it’s not their food and clothes being used.

Democrats claim to care for people of color … yet unemployment is about twice that for them than the national average.

H/T to Cry And Howl


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Sanford, Florida? Now there's a place everyone wants to visit. The MSM ought to be ashamed, I've never heard about this.

Scott Way said...

There is a new one today about a white family beaten in New Orleans because they were in "the wrong neighborhood". Nice tolerant Obama kids.

Mark Sterrett said...

Liberal's think that they can improve the transit system by spacing the trees closer together.

Mark Sterrett said...

Liberal's think that they can improve the transit system by spacing the trees closer together.