Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Would You Send Your Girls To School Here?

Much as I hate to admit it, my sister attended Carnegie Mellon University. She is a devout Catholic however, even though she holds a high ranking position in the DHS, and is a big government loving Progressive Moonbat.

The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh is asking Carnegie Mellon University to reprimand a female student who dressed as the pope — but naked from the waist down — to pass out condoms in an art parade, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

The student reportedly shaved her pubic hair into the shape of a cross while passing out the prophylactics.

The Catholic League said in a statement, “CMU’s decision not to suspend this female student, who publicly ridiculed Catholics and violated the local ordinance on public nudity, while invoking sanctions against the frat boys for offensive behavior behind closed doors, is legally problematic and morally indefensible.”

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During a law school debate on April 15, New York University professor of social and cultural analysis Judith Stacey argued against the nuclear family and monogamous relationships, and for decriminalizing polygamy.

The debate, sponsored by the conservative Federalist Society and between Ms. Stacey and the conservative Heritage Foundation’s Ryan T. Anderson, was on “the defense of marriage.”

Among Ms. Stacey’s wicked smart musings: “I say why should there be marriage at all;”

 “What should limit it to two and why should it be monogamous? Nothing in view gives the state that particular interest;” and “So I would agree that we should get rid of the sexual family, there’s no reason in the contemporary world to base our relationships necessarily on sex.”

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Read more: The Daily Caller

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