Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Islamist Just LOVES You, and Your Little Dog Too


Iranian authorities are confiscating pet dogs and placing them in a dog jail, according to media reports.
The Middle East news site Al-Monitor reports that thirty dogs have died of starvation or thirst in one Iranian “dog jail” outside Tehran.
Iranian authorities this spring warned dog owners not to walk their dogs in public or take them in their cars lest they risk arrest of their canine pets.

An Iranian woman plays with a dog as she brings food donations to the first animal shelter in Iran. The non-government charity relies on private donations and volunteers to provide shelter to injured and homeless dogs in Iran. (Photo: Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images)

Deputy Commander of the Iranian Police Ahmad-Reza Radan said, “As summer approaches, we will make an effort to stop people from bringing out their dogs in their cars or parading them on the streets to show off. We won’t have any of that.”
In April, Radan was quoted by the Fars news agency saying that police would “confront those who walk their dogs in the streets. Cars carrying dogs will also be impounded.”
Iranian-American journalist Mehrnaz Samimi writes in Al-Monitor what she is hearing from friends and relatives in Iran about the plight of pets and their owners [emphasis added]:
My cousin who lives in Tehran owns a small fluffy white dog that was taken away from her as she walked it. The dogs are literally “arrested” and taken to jail. Some are freed through posting bail, others that remain unaccounted for are taken to dog prisons; one of the better known ones is in Kahrizak. Imprisoned dogs are kept in extremely poor conditions, usually among garbage, and often times without adequate food and water.

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