Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Obama Decliner...

Live out the Obama Decline in style and comfort.

For a limited time only you can invest in your future.

Enjoy the comfort and security of the twilight years in this one of a kind decliner.

Picture yourself sitting back and watching the end of America all from the comfort of this elegant chair.

It comes with a personal waterboarding set as well as an automatic uplink to your bank account.

Wireless connection to the IRS and NSA are free for the first 3 months.

Watch scandal after scandal be dismissed by the media.

Enjoy the free kool-aid dispenser.

The voice activated accessories are just a command away. Michelle Obama's voice has been digitally enhanced to give you the ultimate pleasured response to any of your commands.

All for the low low price of  $666.00

FREE with an EBT card!

Hurry up and act now! Supplies are limited but they can make more.

Made in Kenya. No Warranty Implied or Otherwise Noted. Returns Not Accepted.

Fake Certificate of Authenticity Supplied In PDF form. Gold or Silver only accepted as
payment. Sold as is. YMMV.

From The Feral Irishman...Poster by Dale

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