Thursday, June 13, 2013

Obama Planning to Import Tens of Thousands of Syrian Refugees to US

Resettling them in your neighborhood. Fully funded for decades with your tax dollars. Destroying your local educational, health and community resources. Not to mention the crime, rapes, harrassment of your women and children, the foreign funded mosques they will build in your residential neighborhoods and eventual terror attacks. It is urgent for you to contact your local and federal elected officials. Now.  h/t DG at FP who writes:

Sure most people just see refugees, but Democrats see voters.
From the LAT with editorial by Refugee Resettlement Watch.
Below is the disastrous news at the Los Angeles Times.  Just as the Senate is considering making it easier and more lucrative for government contractors to bring in larger numbers (more easily) of refugees and political asylees through S.744, we will be inundated with Syrians.  So, when you call your US Senators today about voting NO on the “comprehensive immigration reform” tell them NO Syrians either!   And, if you are thinking there might be some Christians in the bunch, I assure you we won’t single those out for resettlement!
Once they open the spigot, they open it wide!
Syrian refugee protesters at a refugee camp in Jordan. So Homeland Security is supposed to sort through this and only bring us the good people?

Just for your information we have already brought 12,396 Iraqis to America in the first 8 months of FY2013!  Most of them are on food stamps, other public assistance and not working!
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