Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Autocrats, Aristocrats, Democrats, and Hypocrites...I SAY RATS

Yes; alright; I realize that you are probably as unconcerned as most of the "informed populous" are about the goings on in Hollyweird. However...Our Dear Leader has seen fit to weigh in on Kenye West and the Kardashian Klan...So I will add my two cents here...Holy Whale SH**!!! WTF are these people thinking?  
Kanye West has thrown those Maybach keys. The "New Slaves" rapper and Kim Kardashian are reportedly shelling out major dough on new transportation for their daughter North, who was born in June and the world has yet to see. We're not talking mini-vans and station wagons here. This is the American Dream-distorting couple! The two have commissioned two bullet and bomb-proof vehicles costing more than $1 million to get them around Los Angeles and protect them from all the crazies.

According to the U.K.'s The Daily Star, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper has reportedly dropped £250,000 (about $400,000) for a vehicle similar to “Cadillac One,” the Presidential state car driven around by President Obama that is equipped with armor plating and defense countermeasures.

But that's chump change next to the £800,000 (about $1,200,000) that's being dropped on the family's new SUV, similar to the Prombron Iron Diamond. The Prombron Iron Diamond is scarier than your average Hummer and made to withstand attacks from landmines and rocket-propelled grenades by the geniuses at the Latvian-based Dartz Motorz Company...VIBE

Kris Jenner Rebukes Obama’s Class Warfare Rhetoric Against Her Daughter, Kim Kardashian...The Mad Jewess

Even some of our young dumbbells are starting to realize what a piece of class warfare crap Obama is.
Kenye "sliding" his new  gold plated Lamborghini...
This one comes with real (simulated) whale penis leather!

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