Thursday, August 15, 2013

HEY, SHARPTON: Black Sanford, Fl Man Points Gun at White Child, Pistol Whips Mother, But It’s Not a Hate Crime or a Story

SANFORD, Fla. —Police have solved a recent armed robbery after a veteran detective was able to identify the man in a disturbing surveillance video.

According to police, Charles Anthony Jones, 41, is seen on surveillance video on July 6 pointing a gun at a child inside the Cancun Salon on Hiawatha Avenue in Sanford.

The store owner and mother tried to protect her child and was thrown to the ground and hit in the head with the gun.

“Two times he say, ‘Give me money, I want money,’” said the owner, Inez Rodriguez. “Take my phone. Take my computer. Everything is money,” she said.

Rodriguez said he only wanted cash.

There were two children in the salon at the time — one was 5 years old and one was 10.

The 10-year-old tried to run out of the salon but Jones ran outside and pulled her back in, police said.

No one was seriously hurt.

Rodriguez said her 10-year-old is traumatized.

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More Unreported Hate Crime...
According to’s sleuth, Donald Joy- “Mona Nelson killed 12yr. old Jonathan Foster with a blowtorch.

Nancy Grace dropped the story as soon as she realized it was a black woman murdering a little white boy. The media have avoided the story like the plague, never once looking into whether it was a “hate crime.”

The original local news report has been removed. Suspect has sought and received legal counsel from local leadership of the New Black Panther Party.  No story here, folks. Move along …”

HOUSTON (KTRK) — The trial begins today for the woman accused of kidnapping and murdering a boy.

Mona Nelson is charged with capital murder. Prosecutors say she kidnapped 12-year-old Jonathan Foster on Christmas Eve of 2010. His burned remains were found in a ditch soon after, but detectives could never come up with a motive.

Prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty. Nelson has asked for a judge instead of a jury to decide the verdict.



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