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When "Madames" Ruled

I am offering this post today on a subject with which I am quite familiar...Steubenville, OH...crime, corruption, and it's steamy underworld of today and days gone by.
I make no judgements on this legendary madam of years ago. I will say that I knew her and respected her, as most folks did who actually lived here in "Lil Chicago".
The girls she associated with all appreciated her as well. Judy Jordon offered them a clean, safe atmosphere in which to operate. She also offered them free medical services before and after we became aware of AIDS. 
Wintersville woman pens book on Steubenville ‘madam’
Mary M. Paice thinks people should keep an open mind when they read her newly published book entitled "A Life of Love with Madam Judy Jordan." And not stand in judgment of others.
"A Life of Love With Madam Judy Jordon"
"I wrote the book for people to understand that we - whether we believe it or not - we do not have the right to judge others for how they have to live their lives," she said. "We do not have all the facts. Sometimes it is a personal choice, and sometimes others choose our lives for us, and we have no choice or the ability to free ourselves. Days, weeks, months and years pass with each moment us thinking 'I'll get out,' but somehow we don't make it, so we make the best of each situation as it arises," Paice said. 
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 "In the early 1960s, I had heard that Miss Judy ran a house (of prostitution) on Water Street (in Steubenville) and that her girls were known for being 'clean.' I heard nothing good, nor bad, just interesting talk - bits and pieces - just enough to make me, as a teenager, wonder what type of person she could be," Paice said.
Book available HERE

For four decades, a woman known to many as the “Madam from Steubenville” ran a brothel  in the city.

Now, a local author is telling her story.

Over the course of eight years, Mary M. Paice conducted interviews and did research into the life of Madam Judy Jordan. The book was released in mid-July, but it all started in 2005, with a chance encounter at a nursing home.

“She said she felt very comfortable with me and I was easy to talk to. So, she asked me to write her story because she trusted me,” Paice said.

While talking to Jordan, Paice says she got to know the woman behind the madam. Jordan told her she did not choose to be a madam, but was groomed for it.

“She was a woman, and a child before she was a madam and, sometimes, we don’t choose what we are to become later in life. Sometimes, it’s chosen for us,” Paice said.

Jordan operated her brothel for four decades out of a house on Water Street. Paice says this book is not raunchy. She just wanted to tell the story of a woman who was more than her profession indicates.

She included a quote from Jordan’s favorite song in the book.

“Until the day my eyes behold the city. Until the day you call me home. Until then, Love Judy,” Paice said...WTOV 9
Local author writes about life of the Steubenville Madam

Today's world in the slavish sex trade is a much harsher place, and far more dangerous for much younger victims.

If you think human sex trafficking is something found in Mexico, you’d be right. But if you think it’s something only found south of the border and not in America, you’d be dangerously wrong.

On Wednesday night, TheBlaze TV’s “For the Record” show revealed just how much the sex trafficking industry has seeped into America.
But before that show aired, Glenn Beck interviewed a former Mexican congresswoman who unfortunately knows all too well about the horrors the industry has wreaked on the women of Mexico and America.
Meet Rosi Orozco. She’s been fighting the sex slave industry in Mexico for years. But she’s also sounding the alarm of how the industry is moving into America from across the border. She explained how for some it’s as easy as using a tunnel, and even detailed how one of the “most dangerous” pimps was caught after setting up shop in Atlanta, GA.
Still, her most disturbing story involved that of a 9-year-old girl. That girl was taken by a group in Baja California in 2010.
“She was dancing in a church. She is a beautiful, beautiful creature — a beautiful human being,” she explained.
According to Orozco, the police investigation has indicated she was abducted and sold to a some men in America...
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See how you can watch the full episode of “For the Record” here.

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