Monday, January 27, 2014

Obama To Dictate New Rules For Campus Abuse

This is the ultimate in Liberal hypocrisy...

President Barack Obama announced a new task force Wednesday to help combat the issue of sexual assault and rape on college campuses.

The advisory task force, which will be headed by the Office of the Vice President and the White House Council on Women and Girls, will recommend policy changes in the next 90 days to improve enforcement of federal laws concerning sexual assault and rape at universities and other higher education institutions, according to a presidential memorandum.

Obama and the Demorats have promoted policies for decades which have not only allowed sexual abuses on campuses to increase, but have enabled the perpetrators to walk away scot- free. In particular; Muslim men, and young black men are taught that rape is not only permissible, but is to be admired.
The Left has attempted to destroy the family unit, and especially the role of the father as law giver and role model. The games of our yutes promote abuse. The Hollywood media extols those who carry it out. Social media gives abusers an outlet with which to publicize  their acts. The Left leaning legal system has turned a blind eye to abuse, while punishing the victims in most cases.

Sex is promoted and glorified by our Liberal Public School System at a younger and younger age.
More and more teachers are found nationwide to be sexually abusing their students, or turning a blind eye to those who do. These teachers are routinely given probation and sent right back into the classroom. Most cannot be fired, and those who are retire on their fat union pensions.
The Gay agenda for years (and they now freely admit) has been to turn as many children to the Gay lifestyle as possible.
Their plan has been to reduce the age of consent to 14 or even 12 years of age.

As we have seen so many times before, these failed Leftists have created a crisis that only their Big Government could possibly solve. And now here comes The Dear Dicktator to the rescue with yet another TASK FORCE to solve the problem.  
And meanwhile...Let's get back to the REPUBLICAN WAR ON WOMEN...

Liberal Blogger Causes Outrage: Having A Husband, Kids “Not Real Accomplishments”
One of the left’s favorite talking points is that there’s been a ‘war on women’ from conservatives who don’t want taxpayers to fund contraceptives or abortions, and don’t believe in giving special favor to any groups in the name of ‘equality’. Well a recent post from a liberal political blogger exemplifies what exactly the ‘war on women’ is and it’s not pretty.
The post is titled “I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry” and details why it is she thinks women in America are being oppressed, comparing having a career to being a mother and demeaning just about every little girls dream of growing up and having a family. Her angry post is a chilling reminder of how the left views women, children, marriage and families, and provides much insight into their attack on the traditional family...MR Conservative

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