Thursday, December 20, 2012

An Unchecked Presidency Given To Tyranny

NEW YORK (TheBlaze/AP) — The long wait is over. President Barack Obama has been named Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2012.

The first delivery of F-16’s in January reflects the US commitment to supporting the Egyptian military’s modernization efforts. Egyptian acquisition of F-16’s will increase our militaries’ interoperability and enhance Egypt’s capacity to contribute to regional mission sets.”

To paraphrase a line from The Hangover, “Sir, you are literally too stupid to insult.” Either that, or you and the Architect-Supreme of this lunacy believe Americans and the world alike to be capable of swallowing tripe whole.

This asinine comment was matched in fatuousness by an observation from Lockheed VP, John Larson, who opined, “This is a great day for Lockheed Martin and a testament to the enduring partnership and commitment we have made to the government of Egypt.” Why would that be, Mr. Larson? Because the Mexican drug lords don’t have any fighter pilots? Bad comparison, I guess, because Eric Holder’s ATF renegades had with clear approval already supplied them with military assault weapons. A better example would be to enhance North Korea’s air force so it might increase its ability to threaten South Korea and Japan, other allies who must be befuddled by what is going on with American foreign policy and wonder if they will be the next one’s to be deemed “expendable.”

Would it not have been better for Mr. Larson to exult that his corporation just sold over $216 billion dollars worth of the world’s most technologically superior fighter jets at a handsome profit for his corporation and for the colonel to admit he’s a dull-edged tool in the Obama administration, that he wasn’t worth his silver oak leaf, and that he is complicit in rationalizing the arming of a radical Islamic nation bent on total annihilation of what was once one of our two best allies in the world. Why the charade?

It’s a good thing Russia sells Venezuela its Sukhoi’s or they might be next in line for a freebie. Regardless a cloak is no longer used by Mr. Obama to hide his proclivities, his actions make it clear that he, like other Muslims, is intent upon the destruction of Israel, and bent further upon complete destabilization and weakening of the United States. So where is Congress during this maelstrom?

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Meanwhile; without any accountability by The Dear Leader; Hillary gets thrown down the steps (or takes a very timely dive), and the wheels of the Obama bus keep rollin' on!

A State Department security chief has resigned and three other officials could lose their jobs following the release of scathing report about safety lapses at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi in the run-up to the terror attack that killed four Americans.

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