Friday, December 14, 2012

You Are Employing Union Thugs

Thirty five federal employees with the U.S. Department of Transportation are being paid tax-funded salaries averaging more than $135,000 annually, but they don't do work for the public. They work full-time for unions.

The 35 and their salary data were obtained by a conservative political activist group, Americans for Limited Government, which submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the DOT. A total of $4.8 million was paid by the government for the full-time salaries of the union officials.

"It is obscene that in one department alone, taxpayers are being stuck with almost $5 million in public employee union salary costs," said Bill Wilson, ALG's president. "These unions collect member dues and should pay for their own employees."

More at The Examiner and at ALG H/T to ALG

Republican Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday signed into law two bills that prohibit unions from collecting fees from nonunion employees, marking yet another major defeat for organized labor in the Rust Belt.

But perhaps more shocking than the fact that Michigan — Michigan! — is now a right-to-work state is the fact that many of the legislation’s most staunch opponents have gone virtually unchallenged in their rhetoric.

“Whoever votes for this,” Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook warned on Monday, “is not going to have any peace for the next two years.”

The next day, Democrat State Representative Douglas Geiss threatened right-to-work supporters from the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives.

“We are about to undue 100 years of [labor progress],” said Rep. Geiss. “And there will be blood.”

Why Have the Networks Been Silent Over Lansing Violence | Media Violence Double Standard | Lansing Media Blackout
Thankfully, Geiss didn’t mention anything about milkshakes.
“We will relive the Battle of the Overpass,” he added, referring to a violent 1937 incident involving union workers and Ford Motor Company security guards.

The Michigan House of Representatives Democratic Caucus even tweeted (and later deleted) Rep. Giess ominous remarks:
And the crowning moment in pro-union warnings came when Jimmy Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union, on Tuesday predicted a “civil war”: The Blaze


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