Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Time America, Ban Them NOW

Every year in the United States nearly a half million children are tragically killed. The top two causes of these deaths are:

1) Car Accidents

2) Drowning

It's time America gets serious and does something about it. NO ONE needs a semi-automatic assault car, like this one:


And no one should be able to buy, sell, or own more than a gallon of water without a permit and proper government approval.
Yes, the pro-car lobby will wail and gnash their teeth, and the NCA will have a hissy fit. But how long can a civilized, democratic society allow our children (and adults) to be maimed and killed by these cars and fluids?

Every year, 260,000 children are killed and 1,000,000 injured in car accidents. A significant number of these deaths and injuries are perpetrated by semi-automatic assault cars.

Every year, 175,000 children are killed and as many as 3,000,000 injured by water in high capacity containers.

When will we say enough is enough? Compared to the number of children killed by firearms every year in America - approximately 1000 - the car and water deaths are astronomical! Approximately 260 children are killed by cars to every 1 child killed by a firearm!

Stop the insanity NOW. Write and beg President Obama to make a law that bans the purchase, sale, and ownership of both semi-automatic assault cars and high capacity water containers.


This is not intended to in any way lessen the tragedy of what just happened in Connecticut. But the reality is that firearms are used 2.5 million times a year in America to PREVENT a crime, usually without a shot even being fired. That's over 6000 times A DAY, according to FBI statistics (see John Lott).

Twitter is currently going crazy with anti-gun rhetoric, the usual suspects coming out in droves to spew emotionally charged invectives in all directions. As I said after the election, I think we really have reached the tipping point - America is no longer worthy of being a free country, with individual liberty for all. The Other Side has spent nearly 100 years propagandizing and dumbing down the masses to the point where the majority is truly clueless and doesn't even know what they're asking to give up.

It's a sad, sad day. America really is over.


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Give them time ... if you like it they will ban it. You're not allowed to enjoy yourself.

Madhat said...

I recently bought myself a semi-automatic assault car like the one pictured in your blog. Had I known it was so dangerous, I am not sure I would have bought it. It saddens me now that I have a weapon of mass acceleration, driven by 8 cylinders of blood lust. Also, I need to remove my bathtub, it can hold enough water to drown a grown man!

I wonder when they ban books and computers because they transmit dangerous thoughts...?

Scott Way said...

"The pleasure police" are always finding new jobs Odie. That is their self fulfilling prophecy.

Scott Way said...

I love the smell of gas and nitrous in the air Madhat! Old motoheads never die. If we do it is in our own self designed and "modified" fashion. My off-road, and dragstrip adventures are legend. One of my blogs this week will glorify the art of the street. And keep those dangerous thoughts flowing!