Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Panama Red Steals Your Woman...Then He Robs Your Head

I always loved this song...Now it seems more relevant than ever.

Election Day 2012 not only re-elected Obama but legalized recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, and legalized Gay Marriage in Maryland and Maine.

So of course Facebook statuses today were full of weed and gay marriage.

Woody from Toy Story does not look happy.

Buzz Lightyear looks VERY happy.

Almost as happy as Kumar dancing with his dimebag...

Fist bump!
You may not want to start a new pot farm however...
Obama will "rob your head"!
The infamous ‘death tax’ could come at an unbearable cost to millions of Americans that want to keep the family farm. If your estate exceeds $1 million, your family might have to fork over 55% to the IRS …just because you passed on. This tax is especially going to hit family farms and ranches, some of which might have been owned for generations. More at The Examiner

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