Monday, January 28, 2013

NYC Apartments To Get Smaller In Size, Bloomberg Asks For 'Micro-Apartments'

Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday invited developers to propose ways to turn a Manhattan lot into an apartment building filled mostly with what officials are calling "micro-units" – dwellings complete with a bathroom, built-in kitchenette and enough space for a careful planner to use a fold-out bed as both sleeping space and living room.

If the pilot program is successful, officials could ultimately overturn a requirement established in 1987 that new apartments here be at least 400 square feet.

City planners envision a future in which the young, the cash-poor and empty nesters flock to such small dwellings – each not much bigger than a dorm room. In a pricey real estate market where about one-third of renter households spend more than half their income on rent, it could make housing more affordable...Huffington Post
Billionaire New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg says the city's new 'micro' apartments are bigger than his when he first moved to the city in 1966.
During the announcement, in his weekly radio address, the wealthy mayor also admitted to cooking his own meals and building his own furniture. reports the New York Post.

The billionaire mayor now owns homes around the world including five in the wealthy New York suburbs, three on the posh Upper East Side of Manhattan, as well as palatial residences in Bermuda, London, Southampton, New York, Vail, Colorado, and one near Palm Beach, Florida.
When Bloomberg first moved to New York in 1966 for a job with Salomon Brothers on wall Street, he lived in a small Upper East Side studio.
'I made my own shelves and . . . the shelves warped,' the mayor recalled. 'For 10 years, my books rocked back and forth. I was so annoyed with myself.'

But at least the mayor knew his numbers then, as he does now.
At his entry-level job with Salomon Brothers 47 years ago, the mayor remembered he was paid $9,000 a year.

That’s the equivalent of $50,900 today — or $2,000 above the cut-off point to qualify for the largest subsidy in one of the new micro apartments, according to the post.

Read more at The Daily Mail: Bloomberg

I have discovered a better idea straight from China where the Peoples' Architecture Office always has the finest accommodations ready for the "oppressed masses" and the workers of the future. Here is the new wave of our urban future; completely suited to the NYC Green Movement; and completely onboard with Fascist Bloomberg and the First Lady's anti-obesity campaign! 

The Chinese Tricycle Apartment




Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I think Bloomberg would look great in one.

Keira Martins said...

The tri-cycle apartment looks cool. Though it is small it looks awesome.

Student housing in New York

Scott Way said...

Looks great for my next urban camping trip...Not so good on the hills around here or in San Fran either.