Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rape Me Again In Steubenville

Published on Jan 2, 2013
Michael Nodianos is the speaker in the video.

Drunk Steubenville High School athletes making jokes about the rape of a 16 year old girl, whose violation was tweeted, pics posted to social networks and more back in august,.



This video was obtained by Anonymous as part of #oprollredroll and #occupysteubenville.

Only 2 arrests in this ongoing case while those that witnessed the incident and even on camera admit it's rape, have not been charged due to lack of evidence"

Common Sense Justice
What needs to happen here is, a van full of people from out of town, need to expend a little justice to all involved....1 by 1.....
On August 11, students from Steubenville High School or “Big Red” as it is known locally, attended various end of the summer parties in the Ohio Valley. That night while in attendance at a party that was allegedly held at a COACH’s home, underage students were drinking to celebrate the end of the summer. For many in attendance, it was the end of their high school journey and they were moving on to attend various colleges. 

I do not have all the facts, and have read many accounts of what transpired, but the end result was a young girl was brutally raped and attacked by members of the Steubenville High football team and it was videotaped and posted on the internet. I am not solely pointing the finger at the football team because there were boys who took part in this attack who were also on the wrestling team, baseball team and track teams. The point is these boys represented the school and their respective teams. Playing high school sports is not a right. It is a privilege and with that privilege comes a higher responsibility to represent yourself and your school in a manner that will not taint the reputation of your school. Athletes should be role models for other students, and in this case – they were not.

The student athletes who participated are not the only ones guilty of disseminating the attack of a defenseless girl, but the students who saved the video to their cellphones or who retweeted and reposted the video attack and talked inappropriately about the victim are just as guilty of smearing the reputation of their school, as well as guilty of disseminating criminal material. So, in a nutshell YES this behavior represents their school and will have long running implications on every student who has ever attended Big Red. Big Red will now forever be known as that high school where the kids who raped that girl attended. 

I have seen much victim blaming from these kids as well as adults. Every time someone posts a comment about why was she at this party or didn’t her parents teach her any better - is revictimizing the victim. Many seem not to care that she was victimized by these kids only that the ones who took part are still suiting up each week to play football. I have seen posts where adults are stating this may be a “false accusation” and comparing it to the Duke Lacrosse team rape allegations. She was PASSED OUT! How in the world did she have a say in what was going on? I can ASSURE you that these boys KNEW what they did was rape. One of them tweeted the Nirvana video “Rape Me” after the other said the song of the night should be “rape me”.


The Latest By NEWS9


NEWS 9 confirmed on Wednesday that one of the two special prosecutors assigned to prosecute and investigate an alleged teen rape has left the Ohio Attorney General's Office for a job in the private sector.

Associate Assistant Attorney General Brian Deckert replaces Jennifer Brumby on the prosecution team. Deckert joins Marianne Hemmeter, who remains on the case.

In a Progressive society where violent or abusive sex is made to look normal and FUN, is it any wonder our kids are crazed lunatics.

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Madhat said...

Our Society has gotten sick and out of control. It is sad that this young girl died a terrible death, and the justice system is failing to do its job.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Hang the bastards.

Scott Way said...

Justice in this and many Lib urban centers is Mob Rule and cronyism. The prosecutor who left the job (Jane Hanlin) has a nephew who is one of the accused. His uncle is chief detective on the drug task force. Another "suspect" comes from money and has connections with the Black Caucus. That should explain much...sic.