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An Exercise In Propaganda: “Living On the Streets of Modern Day America”

Mac Slavo...3/14/2013

"The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process, the freedom to persuade and suggest."
Edward Bernays, 1955

According to the following documentary, reportedly disseminated to millions of North Koreans, conditions in the United States are so deplorable that Americans are being forced to eat wild birds and drink snow coffee just to survive.

This ridiculously blatant example of government manipulation is a must-see, not necessarily because of the irony of it being from North Korea, where Western journalists have reported that hundreds of thousands of people themselves are starving to death, but because it demonstrates how far leaders are willing to go to ensure their narrative is the only one that’s accepted by the masses, rendering all alternative opinions moot or conspiratorial.

Before we start pointing the finger at North Korea’s propaganda machine, however, we must look at our own government, and the manipulations regularly proclaimed as truth to the American people.

One of the most infamous and well known lies perpetrated by our own government has led to a decade’s long war, taken the lives of thousands of Americans, hundreds of thousands of civilians and left our country trillions of dollars in debt.

As Colin Powell later realized, the propaganda was so widespread that not even he was aware of it, having been manipulated by his superiors just like the American people.
Lies and half-truths abound, even in a society where the information is purportedly free-flowing.

Make no mistake – if you see it on TV, and the same information is being repeated over and over, you are being fed a line of complete bull.

It’s all theater:

Pushing the envelope:

It should make every one of us question the legitimacy of what we’re being told.

Is our economy really on its way to recovering like our best and brightest say it is? Is the war in the middle east really coming to a close and will our soldiers really be coming home soon? Is the agenda to remove Americans’ access to semi-automatic rifles really because it will reduce gun violence?

Don’t believe any of it for a second. In today’s day and age we must be our own investigators if we want to know the real truth, because our government and their propaganda alphabet news agencies are doing everything they can to hide what’s really going on.

"It is sometimes possible to change the attitudes of millions but impossible to change the attitude of one man."
Edward Bernays

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