Friday, March 15, 2013

MEDIA BLACKOUT...Martial Law Is Declared In Brooklyn

A woman is dragged during a protest against the shooting of Kimani Gray, March 13, 2013 in the East Flatbush neighborhood of the Brooklyn, NY.


On the heels of three nights of protests over the police slaying of 16 year old Kimani Gray, the NYPD has turned the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn into a State of Exception, claiming emergency powers to suspend the constitutional guarantees of the citizenry.

The people regularly targeted by police harassment and violence, overwhelmingly the city’s poor and minority populations, have taken to the streets to speak out against the NYPD’s draconian tactics. The police have in turn responded with even further harsh measures by suppressing the right of the people to voice dissatisfaction with that very same police force.
Cops kettled protesters at Wednesday night’s candlelight vigil, resulting in 46 arrests. Police even arrested Kimani Gray’s distraught sister, Mahnefeh.
The NYPD euphemistically calls the public spaces in which the Constitutional rights of the people are suspended “frozen zones.”
Allison Kilkenny wrote about the NYPD’s so-called “frozen zones” in December 2011:
“The ‘frozen zone’ is an arbitrary, official police business-sounding title that has absolutely zero legal merit. It’s something the NYPD made up, just as the ‘First Amendment zone’ is something [Los Angeles Mayor Antonio] Villaraigosa made up to suppress media coverage of the Occupy raids.”

According to FIERCE, the “frozen zone” in East Flatbush is being used to prevent media from covering the protests and arrests. Meanwhile, people inside the “frozen zone” can be subjected to arrest merely by exercising their constitutional rights.

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Now, here are some thoughts to make some of you really paranoid and keep more of you up nights...
The LA Times published an article recently on how America is at risk of another terrorist attack, but not from jihadists:
“There are, in increasingly frightening numbers, cells of angry men in the United States preparing for combat with the U.S. government. They are usually heavily armed, blinded by an intractable hatred, often motivated by religious zeal. They’re not jihadists. They are white, right-wing Americans, nearly all with an obsessive attachment to guns, who may represent a greater danger to the lives of American civilians than international terrorists.”

The image they chose to go along with their article was a picture of a group of white men protesting gun control legislation outside the Albany, New York capitol building and holding up signs championing the 2nd Amendment. If the international terrorists to which the article refers protested like these “angry, white men,” we’d have world peace.

Of course, their main primary source for their fear-mongering was none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center. All you have to do to show up on their list of “hate groups” is be white and appeal to the U.S. Constitution as a source of authority. Then, all of a sudden, they lump you in with Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh.

They claim that these “patriot” groups all believe in world government conspiracy theories. And for this reason, they all “bitterly cling to their guns and religion.” I don’t know of any group of people who bitterly clings to their guns more than our own government, namely Homeland Security. Perhaps they’re stockpiling guns, tanks and billions of rounds of ammo because of their beliefs in “patriot” conspiracy theories. They believe that all the angry, white men are planning to wage war against the U.S. government. It’s the “vast, right-wing conspiracy” that Hillary Clinton talked about.

It’s OK to be a paranoid conspiracy theorist if you work for the government. If you’re a civilian, that’s all the probable cause the government needs to label you a potential domestic terrorist.

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Mark Adams said...

Great post, Scott!!!
And the LA times got the Obama mania-media email, I see, from the SPLC

Scott Way said...

Thanks Mark. Do you see the dicotamy here? The LA times declares angry white men to be the enemy, while who is doing the rioting?...Angry blacks in Brooklyn!

Mark Adams said...

Yeah, caught that, Scott. Seems as though the left, once again, have run out of debate tactics, so they have reached for their race guide to confer from.
Here is CNN's Van Jones, referring to it.