Monday, April 8, 2013

Hillary For President … Please NO!!!

Cry And Howl April 8, 2013

A few days ago I posted Corruption as president … will replace the current corrupt White House squatter

I saw a piece this morning by , yes, the pugnacious, ultra-liberal female (I think) columnist who has won numerous awards, but had a minor problem with accusations of plagiarism in the past. In her piece entitled Can We Get Hillary Without the Foolery? (I’m not sure what that means), she pretty much verified what I wrote in Corruption as president. … the U.S. citizenry will be fed nothing but lies about how good and smart Hillary is and all the crimes, scandals, bribes, murders, etc. will never even be brought up.

Ms. Dowd wrote, The Clinton scandals and dysfunction are in the rearview mirror at the moment … and … Hillary was an indefatigable secretary of state — she logged 956,733 diplomatic frequent-flier miles — and a star ambassador, especially on women’s issues.

This is what we’ll be getting for the next three years. Clinton scandals downplayed and corruption referred to as “dysfunction”. Nary a mention that the Clinton scandals and “dysfunction” has resulted in the deaths of a multitude of innocent people. (how do you spell Benghazi?) I have to shake my head in disbelief at the comment by Ms. Dowd, - and a star ambassador, especially on women’s issues.

Hillary has a new hair-do and is dressing in fashionable clothing, like a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout. Hillary is much like Obama. Talk and action (or non-action) are two very different things.

Hillary talks about women’s rights and people like Dowd respond like puppies running to their mother’s underside. Let’s keep in mind exactly what Islam is and how Hillary compared Islamic violence to Christianity. Comparing Islamic violence to Christianity should be a wake up call to all decent people, Christian or otherwise, to this fraud who will most likely replace the current corrupt White House squatter. One cannot defend women’s rights and embrace Islam. Period.

Hillary a champion of “women’s issues”? Hillary is a fraud. She supports and coddles the Muslim Brotherhood having one of their own for her personal aide.

One thing for sure, America has been in decline for a couple of decades and the fraud in the White House has hastened that decline by leaps and bounds. America is at the edge of the cliff.

When Hillary Clinton sits her fat back-side in the White House be prepared for a long fall straight down.

Imagry H/T to Madd Medic


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Having her in the lime light is someone's sick sense of humor.

Scott Way said...

Carville says we have to just accept the fact..."She is in".