Monday, April 1, 2013

Support Your Local Rapists

Here are some of the latest updates from the front lines on the Steubenville rape case.
Attorney General Dewine has called for a Grand Jury to be called in April...however...
I personally have had just about enough of these "Progressive" thugs on the ground in my town defending CONVICTED RAPISTS, targeting victims, intimidating witnesses ,and threatening local citizens!
Those who would benefit personally or politically from the pain and suffering of innocents, while aggrandizing themselves, are the lowest form of pond scum on this planet. Suddenly they are popping up all over my valley.
Race Baiters

In shocking comments, the former president of the Steubenville chapter of the NAACP places the blame for the rape case that has shocked the nation on the 16-year-old victim.

Royal Mayo, a lifelong resident of the Ohio city that gained national infamy following the rape of the girl by two Steubenville High School football players, says that attention should be focused on the role of the young woman, whom he calls the "alleged victim," saying she was drunk and wanted to go out with one of the football players. He also claims that other teens involved in the incident were let off easy, because they were "well-connected."...Read More from IBT

He later rolled back his inflammatory statements after the NAACLP pressured him...
"In no way, shape or form do I condone rape," stated Royal Mayo, currently a member of the executive committee of the Ohio State Conference of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Mayo responded Thursday afternoon after a story in the International Business Times quoted him as saying a 16-year-old Weirton girl might have been a willing participant and might have been having consensual sex during a series of parties last August.



Twits and Thugs  

ABC News...Two teenage girls were charged with menacing for allegedly threatening the victim in the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case via Twitter and Facebook, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced.

“Let me be clear,” DeWine said in a news release on his website announcing the arrests this evening. “Threatening a teenage rape victim will not be tolerated. If anyone makes a threat verbally or via the Internet, we will take it seriously, we will find you, and we will arrest you.”

Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin's life threatened...Family threatened as well

The Coach’s Role 
Steubenville's high school football program is the pride of the town and a nationally recognized powerhouse. The status of football in Steubenville has led some to believe that the Steubenville head football coach, Reno Saccoccia, wields too much influence and that his players were afforded leniency.

While Saccoccia was not directly involved in the case, he did testify on behalf of Mays and Richmond during the trial. According to Deadspin, Saccoccia did not suspend any other football players who shared or took photos during the night.
There have also been calls to have Saccoccia fired. Mayo describes Saccoccia, who he says he has known for 40 years, as someone who has tried “to keep black kids out of harm’s way and white kids honestly. That’s my honest opinion of knowing him.”
Text messages presented as evidence in court indicated that some of the football players felt immune to any fallout from the incident because of the perceived influence of Saccoccia, Deadspin reports. And Mayo suspects that some of them were able to cut deals in return for their testimony.


News spread quickly after two Steubenville, OH high school students were found guilty of raping a 16-year old. However, a report by CNN’s Poppy Harlow, and subsequent discussion featuring anchor Candy Crowley, in the wake of the decision has quickly gone viral. Numerous outlets are lambasting the news network for what appeared to be a sympathetic discussion about the teenage offenders.
The Blaze...The Atlantic’s Adam Clark Estes notes some of the curious statements that were made on CNN about Mays and Richmond in the wake of the guilty verdict. Here’s how the outlet describes the news report:
Candy Crowley probably didn’t mean to steal the spotlight on Sunday afternoon, when she reported on the breaking news from the Steubenville courtroom where Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond had just been found guilty. After the verdict came in, the CNN anchor turned to correspondent Poppy Harlow, who expressed some strange mixture of emotions. “Incredibly difficult, even for an outsider like me, to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures, star football players, very good students, literally watched as they believed their lives fell apart,” said Harlow. Crowley turned to legal expert Paul Callan, who sounded almost apologetic when explaining how the rape conviction will mean that the Steubenville rapists will now be registered sex offenders and how that “will haunt them for the rest of their lives.” None of these things said were untrue. But the tone was certainly a little off.
Clark continued, noting that while CNN wasn’t rooting for the young men, those involved in the discussion took on an odd tone and seemed to show some sympathy for the perpetrators. Gawker, too, pointed out the coverage, noting that the television outlet chose to focus on the lives of the teen offenders being destroyed rather than the impact of the victim (her name has not been released).
“One way to report on the outcome of a rape trial is to discuss the legal ramifications of the decision or the effect the proceedings may have on the life of the victim,” Gawker’s Mallory Ortberg wrote. “Another angle reporters can take is to publicly worry about the ‘promising future’ of the convicted rapists, now less promising as a direct result of their choice to rape someone.”
Conversation about the contentious CNN report has made its way over to Reddit, where reaction generally ranged from dismay to intense frustration.
“A year in juvenile detention for rape. That’s not justice,” user askarNC wrote about the trial itself. And another who goes by the name Jennerality covered the CNN report, writing, “The worst part was when the guy at the end called the result of the whole ordeal a ‘tragedy.’ Er, so it wasn’t tragic for the girl who actually got raped, but apparently it’s tragic that the boys got what they deserved?”...Read More
This is my response...and truly a needed one...seen in this recently filmed viral video...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

NAACP? First defend the President and now rapists. Now there's an organization that really stands for something.

Scott Way said...

As Rush an I call them...NAACLP...Nat. Assoc. for the Advancment of LIBERAL Colored People