Saturday, April 13, 2013

Missouri State Thugs

We are living on the edge of a very dangerous cliff when a State Police Force is set on implementing Liberal agendas by brute force; and they are defiantly breaking the law to do so! How many of you remember this golden oldie from Missouri?

Missouri State Police Think You And I Are Terrorists

There’s an investigation unfolding in Missouri after it was revealed that the Missouri State Highway Patrol handed over concealed carry data to federal authorities. On at least two occasions – the latest of which was January — weapons data was delivered to the feds, according to an article published in the Columbia Daily Tribune.

The Blaze...In looking into the matter, officials noted that in Nov. 2011 and this past January, the patrol asked for the entire list of 185,000 concealed carry residents from the state’s Division of Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing. Then, this information was apparently shared beyond the state’s boundaries.

This new information came out during hearings to investigate a revised driver licensing system, substantiating fears that gun information has been shared with federal officials.

Under state law, concealed weapon permit holders are confidential. As the Tribune notes, the only place where owners’ identities are stored is in driver license records. Those with a permit also have a special mark on their licenses pinpointing this designation.

State Sen. Kurt Schaefer, a Republican, has been looking into the new licenses and he is at the center of the discussion and investigation surrounding the handing over of information; the information about the highway patrol’s data sharing came out during questioning in the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee.

According to Schaefer, he was told that the list was given to federal authorities by the state highway patrol.

“Apparently from what I understand, they wanted to match up anyone who had a mental diagnosis or disability with also having a concealed carry license,” the senator explained.

“What I am told is there is no written request for that information.”

Scharfer plans to push Col. Ron Replogle, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, for additional answers during a hearing being held on Thursday morning. The Tribune has more about the concealed carry permit delivery to feds:


The patrol responded by confirming that it had shared the list of concealed weapons holders with federal authorities.

“The information was provided to law enforcement for law enforcement investigative purposes,” Capt. Tim Hull wrote in an email response to questions from the Tribune.

The only way to obtain the full list is through a special request. Only law enforcement is supposed to have access to concealed carry information and then only on an individual basis. When a law enforcement officer looks up an individual’s driving record, it shows whether they have a concealed carry endorsement.

Schaefer has a plethora of questions about the data and why it was given to federal authorities. Of particular note, he’s wondering where the list ended up going once it reached the feds and how the request was granted in the first place.

“I want to know who all was involved in this transaction because if this is just some phone call saying give me the list of all concealed carry holders, how did the person at the patrol who fulfilled that request know who was at the other end of the phone?,” the senator asked. “How did they know where to send it? How did they know what it was being used for?”

Considering how mental illness could be playing into confiscation efforts in states like New York, this story and others like it are increasingly important to explore.

(H/T: Columbia Daily Tribune)

American Thinker...March 18, 2009

Missouri police given chilling instructions

Timothy Birdnow
Police in Missouri apparently are being instructed to keep on eye on conservatives.

According to this AP article the government of the state of Missouri has issued a report "informing" state police that people with third party bumper stickers on their cars or who believe the NAFTA superhighway is an attempt create a North American Union are subversive members of paramilitary militias and potential terrorists.

The Missouri Information Analysis Center (a division of the state police) has compiled an enemies list of warning signs for state police officers, signs that are supposed to help them determine potential terrorists. Such signs include Ron Paul bumper stickers, or "Right to Carry" handgun stickers (I have to wonder: does it include Support Your Local Police stickers, too?) and our friendly state troopers are warned to proceed with extreme caution against such radicals.

Who is being targeted in this report? The state police are warned that Christians, "sovereign citizens", those opposed to abortion, tax revisionists, and anti-illegal immigrant advocates are potential would-be terrorists.

Oh, and you better not fly your flag upside down; that was given as another example of something a terrorist would do.

Were this an isolated incident, it would be easy to dismiss. But couple this with some other politically motivated incidents, such as Barack Obama`s "truth squad" in which he encouraged the prosecution of people who protested him too aggressively (bear in mind he had St. Louis Prosecuting attorney Jennifer Joyce and St. Louis County`s Bob McCullugh on the squad, as well as a number of Democrats holding high positions in law enforcement statewide), along with Obama`s proposal for a national militia trained and funded like one of the branches of the military, and you have a very disturbing trend here.

Does anyone remember the Democrats using Judge Evelyn Baker to keep the polls open late in St. Louis (a notorious Democrat stronghold) during the election of 2000? (Lacy Clay, then state senator, had promised days before the election to do just that.) It seems that there are some in this state who have no problem using the force of law to repress their enemies.

How long before we see this nationwide?

Where is the ACLU?


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