Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crackas Must Bow Down To Us And Go Back To Skool

Jamica Da'lick'a (Name changed to protect the innocent) says jurors are old skool and she and her peeps are new skool...(translatation)..."We don't need your stinkin' laws or your cracka Constitution." This is according to the new age thought process of Critical Race Theory.

As part of the new media effort to convict heinously guilty creepy ass cracka George Zimmerman of ruthlessly and racially murdering innocent young Trayvon Martin as Trayvon was having his diaper changed, Rachel Jeantel announced on the Piers Morgan show that she is starting a new school to educate creepy ass crackas, spelled with an 'a'.

"Trayvon, he innocently drinkin' Purple Drank from his bottle in his crib, this creepy ass cracka mofo come up an pop a cap in his young ass," stated Jeantel on the Piers Morgan show, adding that "I'ma start a new school teach white folk mind they own damn bidness we n**gas wanna kick their ass."

Morgan was all in favor of the new school, and mentioned that he hoped it would be a Gun Free Zone, except for responsible young New Black Party members and union member teachers.


The CIA was reported to have corralled Jeantel into a holding pen as she left the courthouse and searched her neck folds for fugitive Snowden with the assistance of Federal Game Wardens, the local fire department and the "jaws of life".

Jeantel allegedly said she would never hide a "creepy-ass cracker" in any of her folds, though she admitted one or two may have become trapped there accidentally.


Reports that her hair had been done by Moochell Obama's hair dresser (a descendant of Moe Howard's personal beautician) have not been confirmed.

Being the dirty old man that I am, I gotta say that the words "19 year old female" conjures up different images in my mind than---
All I can say about that is "dahumn"



Woodsterman (Odie) said...

That is one creepy-ass-non-cracka.

Scott Way said...

Ewwww...It was all I could do to get "it" posted Odie.