Friday, July 22, 2011

Quit Yo' Bitchin Git Back In The Kitchen

OK, OK, I know what that sounds like, but it's only a Donny Iris parody. I think he is still in hiding. Here is the REAL story...
In this WND ARTICLE by Patrice Lewis we have discovered that over 70% of British women enjoy doing housework. Ah yes the Feministas are having cats over this survey of 250,000 women.
But as Ms. Lewis states, this is a truly "radical" expression of FREEDOM.

One of the advantages the Founding Fathers enumerated for us in our natal documents (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights) is the right to govern ourselves with relatively few rules. Of course that's no longer the case – our lives are regulated to the nth degree – and because of that, we've forgotten what it's like to rule ourselves. Instead of voluntarily conforming to societal expectations of ethics and behavior, our lives are regulated by the elites. As a result, our personal behavior has degenerated to the point where we dress, act and speak in a language of victimhood and expect someone else to unquestioningly clean our toilets and support our lifestyles.
Free people tend to be people of high standards. They have to be. If a free person screws up, he must take the consequences for his actions. He doesn't have government agencies bailing him out of every difficulty or excusing his behavior on vague grounds of "victimhood."
But unfree people usually acquire low standards. Under the guise of (cough) "compassion," the government removes the consequences for our behavior. Without that critical self-governing feedback, our standards sink like a rock. When our impetus is taken away and we're told what to do, we lose the ability to self-govern. Victimhood becomes a way of life. No one wants to clean their own toilets any more, either literally or figuratively.

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