Friday, July 29, 2011

The Blimp Crash


NASA has been taken over by the Russians and Lil' Barry has decided to go back to that great NASA mission of Muslim outreach. At least the Ruskies decided not to dump the International Space Station into the Pacific in 2020 as they had originally planned. 
 The next step into space will be "GREEN" as NASA has invested millions into solar powered blimps. They will be used in high altitude survellence, among other applications. (Link below to e-green technologies) 
Yes "Big Sis" Nepolitano will have some of these toys at her disposal JUST TO WATCH YOU! I live near an Air Guard base next to Pittsburgh International Airport. I have seen a spy drone fly 50 ft. directly over my house! DHS just doing their job---protecting you from "predators" like me...sic... 

One of these GREEN SHIPS manufactured by e-green technologies will be  on it's maiden voyage from Moffet Field shortly. It may be headed to California if things go well.

Well, our future in space seems assured---almost...
I was near witness to a "forced crash landing" of one of NASA's new unmanned high altitude military blimps.

-UK Daily Mail-"A $150million U.S. Army airship crash landed in woods (in Greene County near New Freeport, PA) today after it could only reach half of its expected altitude on a test flight.
The unmanned solar-powered airship was only in the air for less than three hours after it launched in Akron, Ohio, on Wednesday morning.
It ascended as planned up to 32,000ft but the Lockheed Martin airship then encountered problems and was not able to get up to 60,000ft."

Yes, I was sitting on my porch having a cold one on this other day, when suddenly something appeared on the horizon and it was headed my way, out of the west, in a descending flight path. 
Yes it was the troubled blimp! My buddy thought we were being attacked!

I assured him that the proper authorities had been notified and superior firepower was not we just went back to the pool...


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile America moves backward.

Scott said...

The BO "recovery" plan in action.