Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Parents Are Idiots!

In the time honored tradition of Woodsterman / Odie and his Walmart shopper parade---I now bring you my new series of pictorial reports on the topic...

What were they thinking?

I told you to give Mom the sunblock!

Multi-tasking in the kitchen!

AWWW--he loves him...a whole lot...he gives hugs!

Gunsickles again Dad? You are spoiling him.

But officer...we have airbags front and back!

Axe murdering for dummies...or
Shaving it too close for comfort!

Future taxpayer--funder of S-Chip.

It just has to be a redneck Steelers fan didn't it!

I knew that there was something wrong with my upbringing...I thought everyone lived in a cage!

DAD---Gimme my gun!

Pretty baby---YEOW!

Psycotherapy candidate

That's not my kid officer---must be a stowaway!

He won't bite...too hard...

Attention! Special on aisle 5! 

Make sure to buy extra for the kiddies!

AHHH...The good old days...


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Great collection Scotty me boy!

I love em all.

innominatus said...

As a Steelers fan, I am gratified to notice that the guy in the Bettis shirt was the LEAST confunkulated of all those pictured.

Scott said...

Mas Vidas Odie---I am another Steelers fan and from the "steel buckle of the rust belt" as well. Plain ol' fathering is way underated.

abluegirlami said...

Those were Great! I loved them.