Thursday, July 21, 2011

Putin For President

Yes, we should all come to the realization that our world power status has been decimated by the Left to the point of no return. It is about time that we realize where our bread is really buttered.  
In this ARTICLE by Andrew Osborn in The Wall Street Journal, Putin's lead economist predicts that America will be divided into five regions controlled by China, Mexico, Russia,---you get the idea. When asked recently if he still believes this and if so why, he responded that he has "resources on the ground". I think we all know where those resources are centralized.

Therefore if the eastern United States is to be controlled from Moscow I must support the Putin / Obama ticket. A write in campaign must be started. Get smart out there and FOLLOW THE MONEY and the true seat of power. Putin is getting out the vote, western style, as we speak. We need not worry about that dusty old Constitution anymore. Anyone can be president now.
Those of you on the Left Coast may want to consider joining a Reconquista movement.

Coming out soon from Hollywierd--A new release fom Sundance Productions and Robert Redford--"Weathermen In Winter" with the 60's radicals being portrayed as "misunderstood patriots. As you may know, the Weathermen called for the division of America into these separate regions in 1968. They also called for the internment of patriotic Capitalists and for their execution by the millions if they would not comply. It was also suggested that they should kill white babies, as they would only grow up to become oppressors. Sound familiar--from The New Black Panthers. We should remember as well that Cass Sunstein and other presidential appointees and Czars have ties to the Weathermen.
So remember folks--Vote the Communist ticket or face the consequenses!

Hat tip to Glenn Beck 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Obama is putting us up for the lowest bidder.

Scott said...

I think China already won that auction. Check out their land holdings in Idaho and Your great state as well.