Friday, July 8, 2011

Job Resume-Convicted Felon / Known Criminal

Democrats are thieves (as Rush Limbaugh has said) and they advance agendas that promote thievery in office, and in society as a whole.

In everyday life we see the criminal mentality of the Left infecting our communities. Every policy that Obummer advances is based on "REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH" from Cap and Tax to Obummercare, to Immigration Deformity---all effort is placed on taking from ALL AMERICANS to give to one political special interest  group or another.

Federal officials have advanced a new policy to train and hire more convicted felons into government jobs. I am sure they will fit right in!

In the Defense Appropriations Bill the Dems. have cut away at some spending--say for new Navy vessels--only to add new cash outlays for pet environmental projects.

The "GREENIES" want to ban the use of fire retardents on the western fires as they may kill minnows. This is not theft, BUT ATTEMPTED MURDER> Of course minnows are always more important than people!  

It was just discovered that the Barack Regime has been covertly getting funding to ACORN despite new Congressional mandates against it.

In the recent Senate debate on a new Free Trade Agreement with South Korea, BO tried to sneak in a domestic pork spending package totaling in the billions.

Nancy Pelosi is still demanding this week that the rich (AND THE MIDDLE CLASS) give up more of their earnings and that all entitlement programs remain untouched. This is only more generational theft!

The list of Grand Theft Government goes on and on---I will expand on this later--- 

This is what I mean about this criminal mindset infecting us all; right down to the local level.

I spoke to a group of women after church the other day and one asked me if BO would win in 2012. I told her that it would be a tough fight but that I was doing everything in my power to oppose him. She asked if I knew who "this woman" was running for President. I responded, "You mean Michele Bachmann?" She said yes and told me that this country was not ready for a woman President. Therefore I asked her if she had heard of Rick Santorum. She asked if he was a Republican and I said yes.
She said that she would only vote Democrat, even though she knew nothing of any of the Republican candidates.
BUT STAY TUNED---Here is the great immoral story behind this woman.
She is a SS Disability recipient who has never paid taxes and never will.
Her daughter was recently convicted of embezzelment of $200,000.00 from a Labor Ready Corporation. She also sold jobs out of their office for drugs and gambling money. The mother defends the girl, saying that "the corporation is rich and could afford it!"

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio -- WTRF has confirmed that Steubenville Police have wrapped up a five month investigation after allegations a Labor Ready employee was embezzling money. Investigators said the employee was writing false work orders to phony employees. Police Chief Bill McCafferty said that the suspect would then cash the checks.
Reports suggest that the employee may have been embezzling for several years and may have taken as much as $200,000.
"Our office is investigating fraud and theft charges as the matter has been turned over for prosecution." said Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin.
Hanlin said it is likely that the matter will be turned over to the July term of the grand jury.
Labor Ready operates on Fourth Street in downtown Steubenville. The company provides temporary work for individuals. 

The woman defends her implicitly. She scowls at me as I propose that she might live in the shoes of the man who pays the bills for a while. This same woman will show up at the Urban Mission tomorrow (where I volunteer) and load up her trunk with all the free produce and goodies that she can carry off without a thank you or at least a symbolic offering to the church.
On a personal level I cannot judge her--but on a policy level and on a moral stance this outrages me! She symbolizes just what we must battle against every day in our nation!
Here is a great response by Fla. Senator Rubio to this class warfare and what I say are the criminal policies of the Left.

Here is a long but direct response to Liberal destructive economic policies.