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Well folks, the time is nigh again. The debt ceiling "CRISIS" is upon us.
In my travels over the past few weeks I have seen a marked increase in the state of the public fear factor. Wherever I go I am questioned about the state of economic affairs concerning our debt, the possibility of a default, and possible cuts to social services. Apparently, my opinion has gained considerably in the approval ratings lately as many of my predictions concerning these matters have come to pass. Even public sector employees have begun to agree with my recomendations on shrinking our federal govt. and our debt.
I responded their fears by saying that your checks will go out and they did. I stated that a phony debt reduction bill will be introduced and it has.
But the rumors of the economic death of America have been grossly exaggerated.
However, I must refer you to one of Sen. Jim Demint's tweets on 7/25/2011---

Jim DeMint

This is the opinion of many economists and is entirely due to Barack Obama's extremist agenda and the spending binge driven by the Pelosi/Reid Congress. The downgrade of our dollar will be due to the fact that there is no plan on the table that will actually cut spending whatsoever.
I have been asked what cuts should be made. I respond with the list of overreaching, redundant, and destructive federal agencies that should be eliminated or at the very least phased out as states are permitted to regain control of their own funding--re: The EPA, Dept. of Ed., Dept. of Labor, Dept. of Ag., Dept. of Energy---I could go on.
In spite of these startling statistics which Sen. Tom Coburn brought to light...The Federal government has doubled in size in just 10 years...The end doth not approach!

Fiscal year 2001: $1.86 trillion
Fiscal year 2002: $2.01 trillion
Fiscal year 2003: $2.16 trillion
Fiscal year 2004: $2.29 trillion
Fiscal year 2005: $2.47 trillion
Fiscal year 2006: $2.66 trillion
Fiscal year 2007: $2.73 trillion
Fiscal year 2008: $2.98 trillion
Fiscal year 2009: $3.52 trillion
Fiscal year 2010: $3.46 trillion
Fiscal year 2011 (estimate): $3.82 trillion

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not approaching.
The new "compromise bill" proposed late Saturday night is all smoke and mirrors and cannot accomplish the desired spending cuts that Obummer and the Republican leadership is spinning to us. This bill will offer Obama a pass through card for the 2012 elections instead of bringing this debate back to the table next February. This is a failure of the Republicrats to obtain any real victory out of this gridlock. It does not help anyone but Obama.

But again, I will remind you now of a statement made by Newt Gingrich some months ago.
(Yes old Newt---Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.)
He said that, "...everyting must not always end in CRISIS."
But Liberal/Progressives love to orchestrate them. This is their bread and butter. 

July 22, 2011

Here is an exellent essay on the Liberal CRISIS AND CATASTROPHY mindset... 

Chicken Liberals

Russ Vaughn

I don't listen to Michael Savage much, just as I don't listen to much talk radio at all because I live in an area where clear broadcasts of such are not readily available. That being said, one rare occasion when I was listening to the good Dr. Savage in my car, his pronouncement that liberalism is a mental disorder struck a responsive chord in me. Thinking about his premise, I could see where he might find the roots for such a assertion. Mental illness is mental instability; instability is the product of insecurity, of doubt and the fears that always accompany doubt. There is no other descriptive which can be more widely applied to liberal thought than doubt and the extension of that is this: A constant state of doubt produces a constant state of fear.
Think about it-think about the liberals you know; aren't they always the first ones to pick up on the latest, trendy, impending calamity? Why is it that liberals dominate the ranks of global doomsayers in so many instances? Sure, you'll get the occasional, oddball conservative who buys into the disaster of the day, but the truth is, it's mostly liberals who have this constant fear of looming doom. If it isn't industrialization, Malthusian overpopulation, DDT, global cooling or the Y2K rotation of the centuries, it's anthropogenic global warming. At this very moment, as global warming is waning, it's American debt default. The observable and undeniable point being it is always something that is scaring the britches off of liberals.
That sort of constant, unwarranted fear would certainly support Dr. Savage's contention in a symptomatic sense. You know folks, there is a perfectly descriptive medical term for constant, unwarranted fear: paranoia. That condition is indeed classified as a form of mental illness by medical professionals and there are even situations where it has been observed to have been induced in the masses in a condition referred to as mass hysteria. Such hysteria is happily fed by cheerleaders in the mainstream media because fear sells-fear keeps attention focused on the screen; fear slows down channel surfing and keeps a rapt, apprehensive audience glued to the screen which then provides the requisite viewership numbers to sell more advertising. And you thought media fear-mongering was all about politics when it's really about nothing more than money.
But that's only applicable to the opportunists who feed the addictions of those for whom fear of global calamity is the lifeblood of their existence. Those media purveyors of doom might even rightfully claim to be performing a public service in feeding the widespread liberal addiction to fear of imminent disaster. Truth is, these predators are right. When you have a willing, receptive mass of millions who will swallow without question your worst prophecies, all the while enthusiastically buying all the organic, green, solar-powered, wind-driven nonsensical products your advertisers can concoct, why wouldn't you do it? Hey, that's capitalism in its purest form. Even if you're a blogger only selling your political ideology, are you going to ignore such a vast, predisposed audience?
If the sky-is-falling Chicken Liberals ever figure that out, guess what?
Probably another, new end-of-the-world crisis.

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