Monday, August 8, 2011


This transgendered former airport screener considers herself [sic] a woman, she [sic] has long, highlighted hair and pops hormones to look like a lady.
Yet Ashley Yang was ordered by her [sic] former bosses at the Transportation Security Administration to pat down male passengers, pin her [sic] locks in a bun, dress like a man and use the men’s restroom. When she [sic] objected, she [sic] was fired, according to a termination letter.
Ka-ching! Jackpot!
The Transgender Law Center in San Francisco swooped in faster than flies on a turd.
Now the TSA is doing some serious back-pedaling on the formerly intransigent stance it took on Yang’s gender identity.
All TSA managers at Los Angeles International Airport, where Yang once worked, must undergo mandatory sensitivity training, officials said.
Yang has scored a five months backed pay and a five-figure settlement with the agency for pain and suffering after the ordeal.
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Keep Our Junkies Healthy At All Costs

Now for more from the D.O.G.G.I.E. Files...
The Department of Growing Government Idiocy for Eternity.

This story originates in Vancouver, but will soon be seen on the mean streets of Urbania USA. Gangsters Out has an excellent commentary on Vancouver's decision to hand out free Crackpipes, kits, and condoms to Canadian addicts.

B.C. medical health officer Dr. Perry Kendal said (as he pulled on his stem)...

"Safer crack cocaine smoking among those who use this substance needs to be encouraged, and crack cocaine smokers need to be engaged, by including crack pipes with available harm reduction supplies and establishing supervised inhalation sites."

I believe we are entering the third level of Dante's Inferno folks. 


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I'm sooooo confused!

Scott said...

This SF freak confuses me as well--What is it? What does it want to be? And Who does it want to grope? Whatever, it is not healthy.