Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We The Stupid

Leave it to Ann Barnhardt in The American Thinker to cut through the fog of foolishness surrounding the debt debacle.
There are no spending cuts in this plan. It is all accounting fraud. Saying that you are not going to spend money in Afghanistan ten years from now is not spending cuts. Even if you accept the $1 Trillion in cuts over ten years propaganda, that is only $100 Billion per year, which is essentially meaningless relative to the size of the problem. Furthermore, even a miniscule uptick in interest rates, which given the massive debasement of our currency is now a mathematical certainty, will completely consume that $100 Billion per year. It’s all a joke.

Meanwhile, Comrade Obama has been given the green light to waste another $2 TRILLION over the next 16 months.
Where do you think this money is going to come from — who has two trillion dollars to loan us? China? Nope. Not even close. China’s entire GDP is only $6 Trillion. … This $2 Trillion is going to come from the Federal Reserve. Where is the Federal Reserve going to get $2 Trillion? They are going to print it out of thin air. We are in the midst of the largest currency debasement ever seen in human history. There is only one result that can come of currency debasement: hyperinflation and total economic and societal collapse.
You were wondering what Hope & Change means? Now you know.

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Anonymous said...

The man is genius

Scott said...

I do not really take much stock in such things, but I have an IQ of 163. If BO clears double digits a monkey is my uncle---well Darwin says so.